PUBG Mobile: Tips for becoming the last survivor on the Miramar desert

May 20, 2018 at 6:42 PM

PUBG Mobile has version 0.5.0 (APK download now), which is a significant update with many new features, especially the Miramar desert map. This is a large map, but the terrain is very dangerous. Players will have to focus on fighting more instead of hiding in the bushes (the desert does not have a tree that?). The following tips mainly focus on the early game when new PUBG Mobile players begin parachuting on the map. This phase dramatically influences the victory in the game. You can also apply the tips below for the old map that is Erangel.

Landing as fast as possible

It is very dangerous to land and have a gun. So speed is the starting point for survival games in general. Your goal is to land as fast as you can, then look for weapons and shoot the “birds” still hovering in the sky. Ideally, players should not waste time sitting on the plane and scouting where the opponent is jumping. Choose a location and jump off as fast as the helicopter moves close to it.

Big cities are also quite safe

If you jump in the areas of fewer houses, means that the equipment will be insufficient. So the big cities will probably be a better loot place. These are also the most attractive places for many people, so you have to be very careful. As soon as landed, your top priority is finding weapons. Should occupy large and tall buildings to observe the surrounding opponents easily. As soon as you have all the weapons and gear you need, move quickly, and the road is wide and find a car to move to another area with fewer people. Or if you are a good player, go hunting for other prey. If you are a beginner, you can choose to dance in the roadside houses, but there is no “food” for you.

Always look around

By holding down the Alt key, keep looking around to see if anyone near your area. Next, please pay attention to which building has opened? If the house is open, then there are people looting, and you should be careful. Before landing on the ground, try to count how many people you jump in, then rely on the information on the right to know exactly where you are and who survived.

Do not be picky

On the PC, looting happens quite fast because the player has a mouse and a good keyboard set. But PUBG Mobile players often make the mistake of standing and wondering what to choose first. Level 3 or level 3 headgear, get a gun or armour first … or even consider weighing the UMP or M16 “better”! Do not make this mistake, but try to pick up any weapon at hand. At the beginning of the game, when the player is not protected to the root of the armour with 3, 3 caps, a Shotgun is also the most destructive and destructive weapon you can hope for.

Do not be shy if you are forced to drive away

Not all parachutes are perfect. You may have planned quite well, but when you re-discover that there are … 30 other players share the “idea” with you. Or you get a message from “your chick” or lose focus for any reason that you missed 30 seconds. Do not be shy, get a car and drive as far as possible. By then your opponent has got everything. You landed will become a perfect prey for them.

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