PUBG Mobile: 5 best places to loot in the desert Miramar map

May 15, 2018 at 12:04 PM

Miramar is a huge map. Your property is very few trees and hiding places. If you have to run on this map, it is true. Therefore, the safest places are cities and high-rise apartments. Of course, these areas will also have a lot of furniture and weapons for players to “loot.” Let me explore the five best places to loot the map of the desert Miramar.

Note: The beta version 0.5 is ready for download, readers can learn more here


Certainly, the central areas always attract the most attention. And Pecado is no exception; this is a city located near the centre of the map Miramar, ultimate weapons, equipment needed for survival war. Casino, gymnasium or two orange apartments will be where there are many guns and equipment required. Once you have the necessary equipment and want to get out of this area, move to the second area of the city. There will be a lot of cars here.

Planta Potabilizadora

Planta Potabilizadora is a water treatment area where it is difficult to climb and dangerous. If you do not pay careful attention, you may get a headshot shot by a Kar98. But to say that, this is still a place with a lot of necessary equipment, especially armour.

Hacienda Del Patron

Hacienda Del Patron is a mansion located in the east of the town of San Matin. Which certainly refers to the mansion, the first thing we think of is wealth. Just go out in the yard and you’ll be able to find all the weapons and equipment you need. However, according to statistics, this is the area where a lot of players jump down because of the central location and the amount of plentiful. Do you have something free?

Campo Militar

Campo Militar is located in the North East of the map, this is a very large area so you can jump down here and stay safe until the end of the game. Get into the center or high-rise offices, you’ll find a lot of awesome weapons like the 8x, 15x viewfinder … If you need a car to move, run to the area on the left. Here there will be a large fork, where a lot of transportation is concentrated.


It seems like a prison is a remote wilderness but it is not. The prison is located on an island in the southwest of the map, which is great for gamers looking for weapons and armor. Prison items may be enough for a team of four. However, there is a downside that this place is quite far from the center, if the safety area in the middle, you will have to travel a long way. Try to think if you can not find the means of transportation?

In addition, other areas also have a lot of weapons for you to fight. However, they are often scattered everywhere, so you have to look for a long time. But it’s the safety you have to compete with less competitors. Anyway, choose the right tactics.

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