Hello Neighbor will be launching for Android and iOS on June 27, beta version opened

May 18, 2018 at 9:29 AM

Hello Neighbor has had a brilliant success on the PS4, XBOX. Now, the game will come to mobile users shortly. You can now sign up for beta testing of the game.

If you really are in a hateful neighbourhood with rubbish in front of your house, the stench always comes out, and the music is bizarre at night, the idea of stirring up a good memory of life is quite appropriate there. But how to make a perfect plan and practice how to break the secret without being caught is difficult. Hello Neighbor can help you more excitingly and excitingly. The house of the neighbour in the game is even more peculiar than the reality so much and still contains a terrible secret has not been discovered. Break into it, surreptitiously investigate the bizarre and destroy his house jubilantly before he can catch you. Beware of smart neighbours, after every failure to find you; he learned the pace of your move. Combined with in-house equipment to distract. Try not to be caught before exploring everything.

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