GAMEVIL will release Project Cars GO for mobile

May 19, 2018 at 2:14 AM

Project Cars GO, and GRID Autosport is a massive punch into Gameloft’s Asphalt 9. Slightly Mad Studios will team up with GAMEVIL to release the game this year. With true 3D graphics, supercar system and quality soundtrack. Project CARS GO will be the best mobile racing game you can not miss. Take a quick look at the Steam game trailer

In order to compete with some of the most popular racing games today, a game must have all the qualities of gameplay and novelty. Asphalt has long since become a monument to this game and is the target of many manufacturers who want to achieve when they start the idea of a racing game. Project cars are a relatively recent series, with the first being released in 2015 on PCs and consoles, and achieved its own success. 2018 will be a new step forward when Slightly Mad Studios wants to release a mobile version of the game called Project cars GO with graphics not inferior to any other game in the same category and play light. A lot more (this has been confirmed by the manufacturer). Hopefully, it will reap great success in 2018 with its products.

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