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PUBG Mobile: Tips for becoming the last survivor on the Miramar desert

PUBG Mobile has version 0.5.0 (APK download now), which is a significant update with many new features, especially the Miramar desert map. This is a large map, but the terrain is very dangerous. Players will have to focus on fighting more instead of hiding in the bushes (the desert does not have a tree that?). […]

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GAMEVIL will release Project Cars GO for mobile

Project Cars GO, and GRID Autosport is a massive punch into Gameloft’s Asphalt 9. Slightly Mad Studios will team up with GAMEVIL to release the game this year. With true 3D graphics, supercar system and quality soundtrack. Project CARS GO will be the best mobile racing game you can not miss. Take a quick look […]

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Tutorial: Use IP Philippines to play Asphalt 9 for Android

Asphalt 9 is officially released on Google Play by Gameloft. However, this game is locked to worldwide access (only open for the Philippines and Vietnam). If you do not belong to these two countries and still want to enjoy this game, follow our guide below. Step 1: Download the APK and DATA files of the […]

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Hello Neighbor will be launching for Android and iOS on June 27, beta version opened

Hello Neighbor has had a brilliant success on the PS4, XBOX. Now, the game will come to mobile users shortly. You can now sign up for beta testing of the game. If you really are in a hateful neighbourhood with rubbish in front of your house, the stench always comes out, and the music is […]

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PUBG Mobile: 5 best places to loot in the desert Miramar map

Miramar is a huge map. Your property is very few trees and hiding places. If you have to run on this map, it is true. Therefore, the safest places are cities and high-rise apartments. Of course, these areas will also have a lot of furniture and weapons for players to “loot.” Let me explore the […]

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PUBG Mobile: Download APK trial version 0.5.0 (Miramar desert map)

After a long time in the mobile market. PUBG Mobile has won the trust of many gamers because of stability and enthusiastic support from the publisher. Since its official release, PUBG Mobile has only four major updates; version 0.5.0 will be the most significant update ever. Includes a lot of improvements that Tencent has announced. […]

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Identity V English version coming soon, pre-registration opened

After a long time of being published on the App Store in China, Identity V will have an English version for the international market in the next few weeks. This has been confirmed by NetEase through the pre-registration page. There is a game that the developer divided it into “survival” class but my definition of […]

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Fortnite Mobile update season 4 – APK ever available for download?

Since PUBG has become so popular all over the world and brought about a fever that has not been extinguished for a long time, games that mimic it have come a long way. Games like the Rule of Survival (NetEase Games) or Free Fire, the Ring of Elysium (Garena) have also enjoyed a lot of […]

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Square Enix’s Schoolgirl Strikers will have a second version, released in May 2018

Square Enix announced that they would have a significant update for Schoolgirl Strikers in May 2018. This version will add some characters and many new attractive features. You can follow the hashtag on Twitter to get the latest information. Also at the end of April, the game featured two events, “4th Anniversary Thank-You Festival” and […]