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Like Rules of Survival or Battle Royale, Zombie Rules is a very popular RPG game for those who are fans of this fascinating game. By joining the game you will be playing a soldier, paratroopers from a height of thousands of meters to a land devastated by horrible zombies. Your mission is in the designated time to destroy as many zombies as possible. You can play single, or invite your friends to team up, increase survival.

Attractive zombie theme

Zombies will be everywhere and ready to hit you at any time. You have to be very flexible in using your defense weapons, acrobatics through obstacles to suddenly destroy the target. In this role-playing game, tactics and weapons are essential elements. So be sure to jump to the designated area immediately to find the appropriate weapons scattered somewhere, even if lucky, you can also find armor sets to protect the bullets. sure survival rate. After that, what are you waiting for? Do not rush into the battle, shoot the zombies and earn a lot of new equipment to become strong and win?

Pick up weapons and fight

Your equipment comes from a huge arsenal of weapons and resources. From daggers, ammunition to ammunition, explosives, grenades and body armor… You will have to quickly collect and use equipment items. Make sure you can survive and destroy as many enemies as you can. Terrain and terrain have a lot of positions that allow you to hide easily to ambush predators, which are good places for snipers or surprise attacks, so they do not get in the way. This is where the skills and tactics will be needed to maximize your effectiveness and a little luck that you will not become a target, die in the hands of other players or simply get infected. Viruses and zombies.

A large map, open space and a lot of targets need to be destroyed. The enemy is always hidden everywhere. You will not know when you are unexpectedly ambushed and lost your life. That is the interesting point with this challenging game of life and death. However, something new compared to other RPGs is that you can use the vehicles to move more easily, and even crush enemies in your hand no weapons. That is a point worth considering.

And if you’re playing in a team, it’s great! Make sure you stay in touch with your friends so you can support each other when needed. And more specifically, this is a real-time fighting game, and there are many players in the world participating. Would it be great to stand in front of a world where all of us can gather together?

3D Graphics

Zombie Rules – Mobile Survival & Battle Royale is a role-playing game, so of course, its graphics design is realistic and lively, giving the player an experience that is in the real world. With clear, crisp 3D images; All weapons are real and the scenery and architectural works, vehicles are designed to be as real as possible; Each character has moved, acting rhythmically as a real person; This is an extremely rare role-playing game

Despite being a fighting game genre, the colours in the game are not too dark but are brighter, more accessible to see, more convenient for calculating the direction of the player. It’s clear that there is little effort to make it easy for players to judge the direction of the enemy; apparently, the publisher has thought of all of the designs that can give the player a great gaming experience. Best.

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