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Have you ever heard of the story of Robinson outside the desert island? Imagine a day where you have to move away from modern life to return to the Stone Age, what will you do? Can you be like an ancestor of humankind who is resilient? Survivor Island: Evolve – Survivor building home. Are you confident that you have the skills to survive even in the hardest times? Discover your survival potential right now with Survival Island!

Build, hunt and survive

This is an uninhabited desert island, located in a place completely separate from the outside world. This land is an unspoiled wilderness, with a growing flora and a wide variety of animals, indeed like the prehistoric, primitive, and primitive. Until one day, for whatever reason, the man was stranded and drifted to the deserted island. From here, the series of days of his will to survive begins…

When you start playing the game, you play the character who lost to the island. And your task is to find a way to survive on the island, looking for food, building houses, raising animals, plants, … to secure food and survive until looking. Get out of the island or take someone to the rescue.

Play simple, attractive

Coming to this island, you are truly returning to the Stone Age. First, you will have to make stone axes to cut wood, build a home, a bed to have a permanent shelter. Then you have to create common labour tools such as stone spears for hunting, and later advanced bows and arrows. There are many wildlife species that can provide great food for you, but be careful with large animals such as cattle and wild boars. You do not want to be discovered and killed right? Be sure not to let yourself be hungry for food in your home, and always be aware of the health and needs of your body, if you want to survive well in the wild.

Fortunately, when you get lost in the wilderness, you will still be provided with vital guidance for survival, such as a rich variety of recipes, fabrication and materials for making armour, arrows, weapons, etc., help increase survival. So do not be too anxious, but slowly enjoy the feeling of a true original.

Realistic 3D graphics

As an action role-playing game, Survival Island: Evolve MOD has paid a lot of respect to the authenticity of each design. From character to species living on the desert island, or the trees in the forest are described extremely vivid and detailed. You will feel lost on the real island and be struggling to survive with nature. The lively and engaging sound enhances the game’s authenticity, and you’ll be fascinated with it from the very first moment you step into the virtual world.

Sum up

Survival Island: Evolve is truly a new and exciting new adventure game for those who love adventure, passion for discovery and want to experience the feeling of return. The primitive period, using rudimentary labour tools, simple houses filled with survival styles. Believe me, you will love and cannot take your hands off the screen of your beautiful phone to ignore what the best experience that the game can bring you, really! Quickly download games and become the most resilient survivor right now!

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