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If you are a loyal fan of The Hunger Games, you will surely love the adventures and chills of the near-death moment, and the struggles to protect life. Kill or be killed, it’s a world that ordinary people like us cannot understand, and so many people want to experience that feeling once. The OneTonGames publisher, famous for its highly acclaimed action games, has released Rocket Royale. Reveal the struggles of being alive and dangerous.

How to play

When you start the game, you will be choosing for yourself any character with male or female sex. You will not have any weapons or equipment as well as body parts other than a hammer. You will have to fight alone, collect supplies and firearms, advanced weapons to be the last survivor.

You will not be the only player involved in this fight. This is a real-time battle, and you will have to fight with other players from all over the world. The context of the game is a dying world, and everyone struggles to survive in that fierce world. When you start to fight, you will be passing through a vicious circle that takes you to the battlefield. You will have to move consistently, encountering architectural works such as houses, guard, … That is when your simple hammer becomes useful. When you go into buildings, you will be lucky to find weapons such as firearms, ammunition, armour, grenades, daggers, etc. After collecting them successfully, you can use the hammer to progress. Removing tables, chairs, bookcases, clothes hangers or doors to collect wood and iron materials for simple barriers. If enough you can build a simple ramp. When you encounter an emptiness, the stuff you receive will become extremely useful, allowing you to evade the source of the damage done by the enemy and take action.

A map in the left corner of the screen will give you better visibility. Be careful and pay attention to it for the best moves. This is not a game you can arbitrarily go around without any strategy. You will be as fast as a lamb on a plate and quickly dislodged from battle. Pay attention to the armour and life stats in the upper left corner of the screen. It will help you fend off a few enemy attacks before you are actually shot down. But do not overdo it so that you can double your guns without any guarantee if you do not have the confidence that all your bullets will hit the target. If you are lucky, on the way, you may encounter potions or armour that will increase your protection stats, keeping them in the most dangerous cases.

Weapons can also be promoted. The longer you stay in the world, the better you will find new weapons. From pistols can be upgraded to guns, rifles, grenades, missile guns … So make sure you survive long enough to reach these precious living resources and fight your best to Become the only remaining survivor! Each day you sign up, you will also receive a rich reward for buying new, more modern equipment, increasing your survivability, logging in every day, and experiencing full-blown combat. excited.

2.5D graphics

Game graphics are not too eye-catching, it is not suitable for those who love the beauty. It is suitable for those who are adventurous and act by creating characters, weapons, guns and scenes in the game very well with the content that it transmits, tactics, shooting, survival, … Audible attention to detail in every step, hammering of furniture or gunfire when fighting, enough to stimulate your enthusiasm at a high level.


Rocket Royale MOD is not a new style of gameplay, but it is enough to make people who love action-packed strategy games come up with lush battles that stand on the lines of life and death. Do you want to be the last to survive, become the only existence worthy of your intellect and strength? Join the Rocket Royale and experience the dramatic and challenging moments with thousands of other players around the world.

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