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At this point, it can be said that Battle Royale has officially become a separate game and all the games released with that game no longer have to rely on PUBG anymore. That means that if a new game is launched will be objectively and easily assessed as it is no longer compared to the game is considered the “original” of the game anymore. So, the later games have the advantage of creating new features that are no longer limited but also subject to more rigorous reviews by the gamers community

Creativity is accepted, for example, there are games without guns, medieval weapons only; Battle Royale horror or combining MOBA and Battle Royale together. The idea of a war of survival with fiction and machinery is well exploited. Mecha Royale Online is a brand new game created to play on the mobile platform is in beta. Illogical Games is expected to launch its product as soon as possible to compete with the fans of the game.

It is certain that it will be much smaller than the standard Batte Royale. It looks like it will be sad news for those waiting for a big online game with many customizations like PUBG or Fortnite. However, thanks to not so rampant, it focuses more on the fierce confrontation of the players together. In addition, it will be the real battle when the player does not stop firing guns rather than doing too much content at the same time as loot items, hiding, calling the team, … The manufacturer is smart The Mecha building is sharp, not trying to imitate PUBG.

In order to direct the attention of the players, the game builds on the main power-up system, Mecha. Players can control their mech to attack their opponents with increased damage and stamina. Each time you win you will have the bonus and use it to buy and upgrade your own mecha, serving the next battle. Do not hesitate in battles, try to kill as many opponents as possible. Then, use the money and buy more powerful components to fit in the mechs. Careful!!! You lose everything when you die. The game will be visually oriented as a top-down view. So the matches will be much broader. In contrast, gameplay will not be too focused and the fight to survive but also to calculate tactical moves wisely. The control system and indicator bars are also simple. To the left is the joystick and the right joystick is the joystick. This means that the gun will automatically fire with the infinite number of bullets. This minimizes the importance of guns and focuses more on mechs.

Actually, at a glance, it’s unlikely to be a Battle Royale game because it’s more like a casual shooting game. Although still full 3D graphics with vibrant colours, but character design style is similar to Gundam animation. The movement of the character is very smooth and the bullets are easy to distinguish. The game is still open so players can only test if the tester only. However, perhaps the game will soon release. It will definitely become a hot game on the mobile platform. In the future, it will grow even further because the potential of this content has not been fully exploited. Please wait.

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