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An extremely adventurous adventure game from the publisher of Pride games Studio. The name says it all, Live or Die: Survival, a new world unfolding before your eyes, a world of death, destruction. The end of the world has been marked, what will you do to survive? If you are a courageous person and dare to take on the challenge, enter that world to feel what it means to stand in front of the birth line and how to fight for life.


The world is on the brink of extinction. The new biological weapons that have spread out have turned the vast majority of human beings into living abominations. They are the demons of the human form, constantly frantically attacking and eating human flesh. They have no perception, no pain and they are immortal if they are not crushed. There are only a few survivors of the disaster, but what will await them? The world just started…

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When you come to the world of Live or Die: Survival, you will be playing one of the few survivors of the disaster of biological weapons. There is no room to hide and danger everywhere. All you need to do is find a way to survive, destroy the zombies, build a base, learn how to make weapons and self-supply food for yourself.

Each time you accumulate EXP you will go up. At level 1, you will have to start collecting materials. First, you have to find yourself a few suitable outfits, shoes, clothes, backpacks, … Then find drinks, canned food along with medication when necessary to ensure healing. timely. Then look for weapons like hammers, axes, cut trees for wood, spit out wild plants for seeds and smash stones to prepare a vacant lot. Each time you increase experience points. Once you have made enough supplies and materials, you will set up a temporary safe area for yourself. There you will have to use wood and waste materials to build a permanent home, plant trees for food, hunt animals for food. Every time you have enough experience and higher level, you will be provided with the design of the house, the things needed for living and especially the assembly of weapons. At first, you can only use the axe to fight zombies attacking your base, but later you will be able to follow the rifles, pistols, self-made grenades to destroy them faster and easier.

There are many designs for making essential items, and each item requires a certain amount of materials and quantities. It could be a table, a chair, a kitchen for cooking, a cabinet, … or even a motorbike, a terrain vehicle, or long range or range weapons. You can not stay hidden in the base without going out looking for ingredients as well as food, water and medicine. Zombies will soon find you, and you will always have to fight with them to bring in more and more rare and precious materials. Notice the heal point in the upper left corner of the screen. You do not want to die prematurely because of the horrible creature that bites you to death. After a hard working day, take time to rest your body. The zombies are not tired but humans have


The role-playing game with the content of fighting mortal life so the graphics style is also extremely authentic. With day and night effects, characters and objects are carefully designed and detailed. Monsters and zombies are also extremely well-defined. Live or Die: Survival MOD is a very interesting game and it challenges bravery and bravery to stand in the line between life and death. It is not difficult to play and give you the feeling of real surprise, but delayed what not to load to experience any!

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