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Upload: June 22, 2018
Updated: June 22, 2018 at 3:04 AM
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If you are looking forward to enjoying the Fortnite on Android, then I have some good news for you. Recently, ZuoMasterDeveloper, a Hong Kong-based mobile game publisher, has suddenly released their latest survival game. Creative Destruction will definitely become a big hit in the next few days because it’s supposed to be just like Fortnite. Currently, the game downloads have reached 100,000, although it has only been released for two days. If Fortnite still makes you sad for not releasing for Android, this may be the best alternative for the time to come.

New sandbox survival game

Survival games have become an indispensable category for many. Not only attract players with 1vs1 matches. These games often have perfect graphics that make many devices with low processors have difficulty in the experience. Fortunately for us, Creative Destruction has done a great job of this because the manufacturer has designed a feature that automatically adjusts the graphics to low if your device has difficulty processing game

Like PUBG or Fortnite, Creative Destruction (CD) takes players to a large island where 99 other players are waiting for you. Your mission is to destroy all of your opponents and become the last survivor. Maybe when reading this introduction, many people will find it annoying because there are many games of the same category designed the same, even the gameplay. Rest assured, the CD will not let you down. The game is adding a lot of exciting new features. Typically a new arsenal, another designed map, a character inspired by everything around life.

First, let’s talk about the map of this game. Creative Destruction takes players to a large island of 4x4s. This is a size enough to allow the player to express themselves with intense gun battles. This is a beautiful island, opposite to the dark atmosphere you’ve seen on PUBG. You will find amusement parks, zoos, beaches and even cinemas. This will also be an excellent opportunity for you to explore this island.

Build and destroy

Since it’s a fake Fortnite game, Creative Destruction has some of the same features as Epic. That is the feature building work. Players can build countless different buildings for shelter and travel. For example, if you are in an empty field, you can make a house there and go inside to ambush the enemy. After moving to another location, you can also destroy your building with the hammer in hand. With this feature, the game’s map will become much different. So, try to remember the original map well in case of strange works. That may be the refuge of the enemy.

Large arsenal

This time, we saw some rifles being brought into the game, typically AWM. This is a gun that you can hardly find in Fortnite. Besides, players can still own a variety of modern weapons such as firearms, large guns or supercars at speeds up to hundreds of kilometres per hour.


As a survival game that combines sandboxing, to be able to attract players, Creative Destruction needs a good graphics. And we will not be disappointed in the graphics of this game. The publisher has refined the graphics to the maximum that make it look like a cartoon picture on the mobile. Despite having such a top-notch 3D graphics, the game does not require a mighty processor. You just need a device with 2GB of RAM and a quad-core CPU to be able to experience the game more smoothly.

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