Stickman Shooter: Elite Strikeforce (MOD Unlocked)

Upload: April 16, 2018
Updated: May 6, 2018 at 4:38 PM
File Size: 37MB (v6.0)
Category : Action, Strategy
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You have free time and want to learn new action games, new challenges, new challenges and unique gifts. You try to feel the secret task of the villain, causing the police to dive to catch you but helpless. All elements are included in Stickman Shooter: Elite Strikeforce released by Stickman 3D Champs. Let’s find out what’s special about it.

Freeing your friends from the prison

During one mission, the members of your team have been working diligently to avoid arresting the police. However, the task is not done yet, the team members were arrested, and only one person escaped. The player plays a Stickman, the only escape character. Secret tea blends into the prison and tries to save his teammates. The game screen displays the symbols that start playing, weapons, sharing, store and game-related information. Players have the right to choose the weapons that are not locked when participating in the game. Currently Stickman Shooter: Elite Strikeforce has over 50 levels for you to use and more than 100 new levels will be updated to meet the needs of players who have completed previous levels.

Use tricks to win

Like Stickman Shooter, Elite Strikeforce still has nothing to do with the Stickman Shooter, but weapons and actions are much faster, more accurate, and more advanced. By avoiding or killing guards to save you, everything in the game is very neat, quite similar to the design of a real prison. The colours used are monochromatic colours such as gold or grey because they fit the prison, you can observe obstacles and better guards, helping to kill the opponent a bit simpler. Space in the game is only obstacles such as explosives to destroy the opponent, destroy barriers that obstruct the movement of the Stickman or the weapons and equipment mounted in prison to prevent intrusion from the outside.

Countless traps

Try to improve your fighting skills, the exciting rewards of the game will not disappoint you, and new weapons will also be unlocked so that customers have more choices more selective in the preparation of new weapons. Increasingly high levels of difficulty will, of course, also increase, such as the number of dense obstacles added in an area of land, many new traps placed on the wall, under the floor, on the ceiling … number The number of prison staff has increased and armed with weapons to attack Stickman. Besides, the game also offers products inside the store for you to choose the equivalent of paying in real money


Can you finish helping your teammates out of jail? Join Stickman Shooter: Elite Strikeforce MOD to challenge yourself to a new experience. This is not just a fun game, but it gives us a fun environment in which you can analyze the steps to avoid being caught, carefully crossing the obstacles without dying. In the game will also sometimes appear ads and announcements related to Stickman Shooter: Elite Strikeforce, if you do not like can go to the settings and turn off this feature.

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