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Your mother is still grumbling because today you continue not to eat her vegetables. Actually, I do not hate vegetables, but I like to eat meat so when I eat enough, I have not touched any vegetables. But if one day, the vegetables that you still have not looked up to wake up with your hands, feet full and have their own thoughts? They are plotting to attack the world, and you are one of the few people to find their world before they reach the human world. Juicy Realm is where you need to get rid of the smart brain. SpaceCan promises that this will be an excellent game for this summer.

Perhaps the weird and unique thing here is that you need modern guns and weapons to kill trees and vegetables instead of axes or knives. But you do not have to have those weapons in you; you have to fight to collect them. Because you were the first to discover this strange world and immediately fight, there was no time to prepare. The more you get caught up in this war without going backwards. The vegetable monsters continuously appear, do not give you rest so quickly pick up new gear, weapons, and resources to defend yourself and expand your base camp.

However, not only you find the way to the world, but also many people accidentally fell in here and fight along the same line with you. If you find the challenge too complicated, you can not fight alone, invite them to join the journey together. Giant bosses with enormous stamina and mysterious skills are a bit more likely to be defeated if you mix well with your teammates.

With the quality of the game from North America, the graphics of the game will be quite similar to Mario games when most of the characters are quite small but contain a separate power. They are also diverse, they have built a worldwide and full of bizarre. Come to the game to enjoy the appeal from it. Currently, the game is being sold on Steam for $5; the mobile version will cost about $9. This is only a predicted price. Can the publisher provide it for free?

Currently, Juicy Realm has not yet been officially released on Google Play. We will update the file after the manufacturer publishes the official.

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