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One of the most popular television series of all time has ended in late 2017 – beginning of 2018. The Walking Dead after 8 years of development and development, they also released the last episode to satisfy their loyal fans. In the time that it is still in the process of release, many of the products have released their contents. Ads, toys, and games are all money-making areas for publishers, and they all have a zombie-themed theme.

Recently a new game called Hero Z: Doomsday Warriors also has content almost identical to what happens in the world of The Walking Dead. This is the first product of KAKAXI STUDIO so they will give their best to attract players. Beautiful characters, top-notch tactics with a lot of leaps and bounds will appeal to the gaming community with the Hero Z: Doomsday Warriors.

As the world overloads its population and begins to explode, the survivors will seek to unite in safe lands. This will make the weak to be safe under the power of mighty heroes. And those shelters will be your own build-result for a long time. Receive immigrants who come and summon powerful people, fighting the undead and wandering all over the world. The ultimate goal is to survive the doomsday. Hero Z: Doomsday Warrior is quite similar to some other defence games. However, it has an entirely new context. Along with the more difficult tasks. You will have to overcome the dark days to fight the bloodthirsty Zombie.

The character is super cool with full 3D graphics. They are all tough guys with a face that is always serious and willing to fight. Under the look that contains a sad story. As a result, they all have their own unique skills with extremely high-quality images. Their fighting styles and motions also depend a lot on the background story. Despite being a horror-themed game, Hero Z is still an entertaining game for all ages. You will not see any blood in this game because the cartoon style graphics has obscured everything.

Although there are many games with the same content, it still has its own charms. Because the previous games are focused, and action and role-playing elements are not as colourful tactics as this game. Therefore, the first product of KAKAXI STUDIO will surely bring success to them shortly.

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