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“A game to warm up the 2018 World Cup”

It is no coincidence that football is called “King of Sports” as most men in the world prefer to play football. Playing football, watching football on TV, even playing soccer is their hobby in their spare time. Stickman Soccer 2013 is a huge success of Djinnworks with thousands of downloads, and in 2018, Stickman Soccer 2018 will be its more upgraded version.

Stickman also know how to play sports?

There is no need to talk too much about the rules of football when most people understand it. But here are some interesting things to say. The character in the game is not designed to be beautiful and realistic but has a very attractive character. Each team has 11 people but each stickman has different style extremely easy to distinguish.

Control panel is not complicated, can get acquainted with 5 mins is already mastered move. On the left is a 4-way joystick that allows footballers to move around the field comfortably and to the right is a 3-button pass, shoot, sprint. When you hold the ball, the pass button will automatically switch to the switch / defend to reduce the complexity of the control. The players will automatically move around the field according to the tactics that you set out before, which also simplifies the process of game control a lot.

Cute graphics

These stickmen, though simplified, still have their own individual features with funky styled hairstyles or accessories such as bandages or bracelets that make a difference. Just like a regular football tournament, teams will be given their own colours to match their hobbies, thus making the game more versatile. The movement of footballers is well done to be able to work as smoothly as possible, without causing lag or image errors that hinder the player. Striking passages with a tiny hitbox are also good for the game as it gives footballers greater control and accuracy. Furthermore, the dance to celebrate the goal is also a small attraction to the manufacturer added to the game.

Why choose Stickman Soccer 2018?

There will be many questions like “Why choose Stickman Soccer 2018 while we have Dream League Soccer or FIFA?”

Casual, these sports games bring us a very realistic gameplay. The image and gameplay make many people think that this is a real game, they will feel the pressure and frustration when losing. Many people need a fun game to entertain after every hour of stressful work. And Stickman Soccer 2018 will do this in the best way. Like what Fortnite replaced PUBG Mobile.

Sum up

Many of the stadiums are beautifully designed and decorated with thousands of spectators cheering as well as adding to the harsh atmosphere of a tense football game where players express their abilities and love football. Download the Stickman Soccer 2018 game at our link offline.

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