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This certain time, everyone is watching the most significant sporting event in the world – Worldcup. The majority of sports fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the top matches from the good teams. They have spent a lot of time practising for four long years. There are still sports in the world such as baseball, volleyball, basketball, … NBA basketball is still one of the most popular events in the world.

The NBA brand, as well as many other brands, offers a variety of entertainment options to maximize the economic benefits that it provides. Daily TV commercials, basketball players, basketball movies are favourite. However, perhaps the most exciting is still the game market. NBA 2K games almost every year launch new products updated each season; this is considered a positive move to maintain the heat of the sports game next to the name as the Madden franchise. NBA 2K19 will have something new to look forward to; you can update in my article.


Still, the highlights that Visual Concepts bring to this game. Matches are accurately simulated in detail; players will be allowed to participate in a game extremely attractive. Easy controls allow you to combine the most complex movements in your profession smoothly.

The tournament system also maintains the great prizes that you expect like MyGM, MyCareer, Season, etc. Do not hesitate to experience the NBA 2K18 to get the most out of the game and wait until the 2019 update season.


With the long series of years, the graphics of the game is well known. The basketball game will be less attractive if this factor is missing. Everything in the game is full 3D with the latest image-changing technology applied to top-notch sports games. There is no need to discuss how fun gameplay looks but just look at the basketball interface that is enough to get players hooked. The match filled the audience with cheers, cheers and basketball players simulated by shooting real basketball players for the NBA.

And last but not least, the title has changed dramatically with the basketball players who have made a significant contribution to the season, including Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, even Karl Anthony-Towns. Were not a bad choice since he helped the Timberwolves end their prolonged playoffs this year.


Certainly, the game will be launched in 2019, but there is still no specific announcement of its release schedule. Usually during the middle or late September is the favourite time of 2K Games publisher so you can expect it at that time. Although it always comes out pretty late, it does not mean it does not help build the game during summer time. It’s pretty cool that it can be played on any device like the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4 and PC big brothers. As such, you can play games anywhere you can. Do not miss it whenever you have free time.

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