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Football is the most played sport in the world. It is attractive because of the simple rules of the game and the less expensive equipment. In many countries, football plays an essential role in the lives of fans, in the local community or nation; So this is probably the most widely used sport. Football at the professional level in the world will have certain differences. The topics of football are almost exploited, there are thousands of football games released each year for mobile and PC, console. Inazuma Eleven Ares is a mobile football game inspired by the manga of the same name.

How to play

To be able to start the game, you will be given a default squad. You will play the role of the player controller. Two control menu in the left corner of the screen will help you control and direction of movement of the character; the right side will help you with the manipulation of the ball such as the ball, short pass, shot. Let’s combine That key is so flexible that your player can play as well as possible. Move smoothly, hold and control the ball well. Mix with the other players to bring the ball into the goal. However, your opponent is not weak, they are well trained and practice a lot. Your confrontation will be more difficult, so you need to have strategies that match the opponent’s lineup. The game supports the small map of the golf ball in the corner on the screen; you can easily observe the players and the ball is where a visual and broadest to give way on goal more accurate.

Inazuma Eleven Ares also organised many events and massive season, you will be able to participate in, and compete, demonstrating their capabilities and bring about the glorious victory for his team. And you can play football with your friends if you want, the game offers 1vs1 play. Of course, networking is a must; all games are now globalised

Graphics based on the manga

Graphics in the game are well designed. It is based on images similar to anime and manga. The character is adorable and funny. With bright colours, shape An authentic same young cast lovely game will undoubtedly bring a lot of laughter to everyone. If you wonder how sound in the game? OK, it’s pretty good, there’s also the voice of the commentator and the siren-like big tournaments. This is the point that players can play in the game, focusing the ball and put the ball into the net.

Sum up

Inazuma Eleven Ares is an entirely free football game. It is based on the work of a famous manga. Therefore this game is suitable for all ages, especially adolescents. And if you are a fan of manga or anime? As I said above, the game retains the plot and character pattern as the original manga. Therefore, be assured if you are a true otaku or wibu.

The game will be released this summer for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS (the game will warm World Cup 2018)

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