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World Cup is coming, in June, who has tickets to see the World Cup in Russia yet?

Maybe many people think this is an old game, but it is still updated regularly by the publisher. Therefore, the number of players is increasing. In the recent update, FIFA Soccer has made a lot of changes to the 2018 World Cup. It’s the best football game on Google Play, released by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports brand and allowed by the Football Association (FIFA). Since the launch of the new game, it has made a hit in the mobile gaming industry. This is a very well-invested game about everything.

There are many soccer games on the market. However, they are all non-player right games. Therefore, these games are acutely shortage; only after a short time, players will be discouraged with what they experience. FIFA Football will be a sure place for football fans to stop. This is a FIFA and EA licensed game. So the number of players and teams in this game is very full. You will be playing with the colour of your favourite shirt. Right on your phone.

The most authentic football game

Football is considered “the king of sports,” and this is a subject that many people in the world love. In FIFA Football, every match is vividly portrayed as real. It is an attractive point that creates an excellent attraction for players. When you start participating in the game, you will get the free players. Start your matches with the available players. Try to win for your team and win bonuses from the organizers. With that money, you can upgrade your team, buy better players or even hire talented football coaches in history. You can choose and buy for your team the 11 best players from 550 teams from all over the world, which can be passed or present football superstars, as long as they are talented, skillful players. Besides, you can adjust tactics before a match, creating a lot of surprises for your opponent.


The term is quite similar to MOBA games; you are thinking that there will be two teams fighting each other? That’s right, but in football, I would call it a match. With online PvP mode, you can compete against another player around the world with an internet connection. Before the game, you and your opponent can place a bet for that match. Who is the winner will receive this amount. Investigate your opponents’ achievements before making a large deposit. It will help you avoid being “short of money”. Besides, there are many large tournaments with a worldwide scale held regularly. Try to win on your team and score a point in the global rankings.

Graphics are optimised for mobility

Despite being the best football game on the phone, FIFA Football MOD has a relatively small capacity. The publisher has optimized the graphics for all types of mobile phones to ensure the game is stable. However, rest assured that the game is still beautiful. Graphics are designed in bright colours. Characters are also drawn in real life. Therefore, when players control the players they adore, they will undoubtedly be more excited.

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