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Today, all the fans of “The King of Sports” are eagerly awaiting the games that are taking place at the biggest sporting event on the planet. The big teams are converging on their best players to compete. Their main goal is to bring glory to their country as well as to honour themselves in dramatic victories. Based on the excitement of this football season, football games have become extremely attractive to players during this time. But there are still more well-known games that are already earning a lot of revenue without having to rely on them. Can only say this occasion makes it stronger than before.

Every year, FIFA is still one of the most updated brands of its games. As a result, their fans not only maintained the number but also increased each season. The 2018 season has gone by, and now they are preparing for their 2019 game. Unlike the NBA and NFL annual games, FIFA has become a popular series worldwide, not limited to an religion. Perhaps, football is the sport that connects the spirit of all humanity together. In football, there is only passion.


In the position of a football game, obviously, the game will have to bring you the most attractive games on the grass field. The rules are the same, unchanged throughout the long years of football history. However, only with the basic techniques that players will have to combine them together and make the most ingenious moves. Thanks to his agility and skills, the footballer scores goals and leads his team to the final victory.

Besides, the game is no longer encapsulated in a grass field with 22 more players that have become a story about a hero. Each year, a different story is told through football games. The hero goes from the most difficult of the training to the glorious summit and even the hardships of his own social tale. Thanks to the breakthrough in making this game that FIFA is gradually becoming a favourite brand in the world.

Alex Hunter in The Journey mode has become a symbol of the game as he has spent the last two seasons with FIFA 17,18 seasons with the celebrities like C. Ronaldo, … Now FIFA 2019 will continue to be the presence of many other famous players along with Alex continue to form a successful season.

3D Graphics

This is the most intriguing attraction of the game for people who have never played this game before. If you look at the graphics of it will probably mistake that this is a 3D animated movie rather than a game anymore. However, the truth is that everything displayed on the screen can be controlled by you. Celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Messi, etc. Moving smoothly on the field makes you feel like you are really an important part of the game. Thanks to pixelated technology, the face of the players is accurately reproduced in every detail, including the characteristics of age over the years. The celebratory dance of each football player is also described successfully in the game.


For fans of the game, FIFA 2019 certainly cannot miss. If a player has not tried before, then try to play once. You will find definitely addicted to it.

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