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Since the year 2000, Captain Tsubasa is the famous manga of Japan. Of course, not only in Japan, the manga has become popular around the world and is loved by teens. Not only relaxing moments, but Captain Tsubasa is also the comic book about the best football game I’ve ever read. If you are a general football fan as well as a Japanese comic in particular. So do not miss our information below, this summer a new game of LINE publisher will officially launch. The game is called Captain Tsubasa Zero: Kimero! Miracle Shot

Official banner Captain Tsubasa Zero: Kimero! Miracle Shot

The plot of the game is about the Tsubasa teenager. This is a giddy boy, one of the schoolchildren about him was nearly hit by a rolling truck. However, luckily a ball was accidentally saved him escape. And since then he has had a passion for his ball. Tsubasa was looking for friends who shared the same passion and ideas to create a unique team at his high school. And of course, Tsubasa will be the captain of that team.

Tsubasa was rescued by the ball (Credits: Tsuchida Pro )

An engaging sports game

Obviously, this will be a sports game for all ages, but the publisher also focused a little on Tsubasa’s adult path. In addition to taking part in high-profile matches, players are also able to control characters in other activities. You are a captain; you will have to lead your team from one glory to the other. To achieve that you will have to practice every day, analyse the weaknesses and strengths of the opponent to give the best play. Moreover, the position of the players on the field is also a significant factor. In Captain Tsubasa Zero: Kimero! Miracle Shot, you will just become a great striker and become a football coach exemplary.

The style of play is quite similar to Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team (Credits: KLab)

In this release, the publisher will introduce the “Match mode” feature to the players. This is a very good mode to help players to track the situation of their team, learn the strengths and weaknesses of the players. Then the system displays all the information so you can let other players learn and practice. The publisher said that this mode allows players to learn all the skills of each character. If you are a fan of this manga, you will be remembered for all the right things and the best, but if you have not seen or read this manga, then this mode will help you understand part of the story.

3D graphics, beautifully designed characters

Of course, the graphics of the game are still animated. Naturally, you will find a small difference compared to the Anime and Manga versions. I think this is not going to bother you as the publisher designed these characters in the most positive way, the faces of those characters still retain their own emotions. We can easily distinguish. If you are bored with the famous football game like Dream League Soccer 2018, then try this game offline. It will not disappoint you

Characters in the anime Captain Tsubasa

Current Captain Tsubasa Zero: Kimero! Miracle Shot is still open for pre-registration, click on this link to register the pre-game experience. Also, the publisher will also offer attractive prizes to pre-registered subscribers.

The game has not been officially released, but players can pre-register here to receive attractive prizes. The APK file will be available shortly after LINE releases Captain Tsubasa Zero: Kimero! Miracle Shot

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