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In today’s modern life, all the mysteries are almost decoded. The higher the technical, the more people become bored and lonely. Entertainment forms sometimes do not work anymore. You do not want life to go so boring; you want to find something new and unique. Yo-kai Watch World is one of the games that can make your world more interesting. You will come to Japan and learn how mysterious creatures in their myths affect life.

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Yo-kai Watch World is a relatively straightforward game, and your goal is just one, with your smartphone going everywhere on the map. Then look for the cute monsters and win them by fighting them. All of the Yokai you have acquired can become a pet or a companion in future battles.

Virtual reality technology enhances the most modern

The game simulates precisely where you live. Wherever you go, it’s within the map of the game, so it’s possible to say that the game is not limited to where you come from, which maps across your country. You can go to any place where there are monsters with different shapes. They can hide in the corner, on the streetlights, behind the halls, … as long as you persistently chase them. Escaping is the instinct of Yokai when he encounters humans. When you actually face Yokai, you can force them to obey only one way of fighting. And the Yokai you have available will become soldiers in this battle. You must use all your skills and skills to win it, after being defeated, the monster will obediently obey the winner. Now you can make friends and bring it home. And this can be repeated many times, which means you are never limited to the number of devils you can raise, as long as you can win them.

Besides having strong demons, you can also let them cling to the people you meet along the way. And they will bring them to new areas where you have never been or cannot be. And after a while when they come back, they’ll probably bring a new member to your big family. This sounds fresh and interesting! You can also attract monsters by planting “Yokai trees”. You can grow it anywhere, prioritise the places you visit. The scent of the tree will fascinate the adorable little monsters up close, and you will encounter unexpected encounters with many strange aliens gathered in the same place. Still hesitant not to plant trees and wait for the little monster to visit?

Sometimes, at certain times, the players will have to fight against the boss is a monster powerful. Bring all your monsters into battle against the boss, as only the collective strength can kill the monster.

3D cute graphics

The game offers players real-world, digital experience with a combination of real-world maps and 3D images of the most adventurous monsters. It makes the players feel real monsters, and they are hiding somewhere in the place where they go. The types of monsters are also incredibly diverse with adorable shapes.


If you have ever played and loved Pokemon Go! Yo-kai Watch World APK is really an extremely attractive game hard to ignore. Unlike the Pokemon Go!, This game offers a much more enjoyable experience. The monsters that come from Japanese myths will definitely make you fascinated with them. Endless adventures, casual encounters, come to Yo-kai Watch World to enter the world of cute monsters offline!

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