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Besides to the current hot games such as survival games, game antagonists or RPG, there are still fewer favourite games but also have a strong position in the market for many years. Simulation games are one of the names that need to be mentioned with representatives like The Sim, Minecraft, etc. In addition to such massive games, the lighter games also attract a lot of interest and download. of the fans. Hotel Hideaway is a brand new game in the market with the innovative hand of Sulake Corporation Oy. This is also a relatively young company in the market nowadays, but their potential is enormous with the construction of the strange and unique game.


Actually, these games are quite simple to get used to, but later the most difficult thing that gamer encounter is to connect multiple tasks together to complete them entirely. But rest assured that there are a lot of players who come to this world with you, and get to know them and learn as quickly as possible. Then, complete the tasks assigned by the NPC and become rich and sophisticated in this world

Important feature

  • Of course, with a job that faces many people, the shape is important. So the game allows you to create and manage your Avatar templates in 3D. There are many things that players can customise such as clothes, accessories, hairstyles, jewellery
  • Reflect your personality with your own style of dress.
  • Chat with your customers. Get acquainted and make friends with anyone to learn a lot more from around.
  • Many unique events take place every month
  • The game requires a network connection

3D Graphics

Although Sulake Corporation Oy is a new game maker, it does not leave too much of a difference in the graphics of its predecessors (actually the level of a gameplay is more accurate than the gameplay). Basically, full 3D graphics show the many aspects of the secret world of Hotel Hideaway, successfully combining a third view from the top down. So players can explore every corner from the smallest to the most excellent adventure and assert themselves in a strange place. The landscape is also well invested with full designs of buildings such as buildings, buildings, swimming pools, cities, … and data transmission technology is also perfect when it can hold more players in a scene without fault, lag. The character is well designed, but the costumes and accessories are so great with a variety of styles such as wings, clothing, gloves, hats, …

Sum up

This is not a game that builds your own world but rather a social online role-playing game full of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. So consider this a social network to have fun every time offline.

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