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Do you know Sir Alex Ferguson?

Yes, he is the coach of the United team, one of the most energetic team in the world loved by many fans over the past three decades. From the wreckage, he helped Manchester United to become the greatest football club in English history with 20 times domestic league championship. Ferguson has won many awards and holds numerous records including winning the title of coach of the year in English football history

In 2008, he became the third English coach to win the European Cup more than once. He is a better man and more strategic person. So what if you became a coach for such a big team so what would you do for your team? Today I will give you the feeling of becoming a real trainer with Football Empire – Football Manager 2018 game to help you become a good coach right on your phone. Get involved in the game and bring your team to the top of the glory.

Legend of football

You will be empowered and become a head coach for a great team. You will have full control of the team. You can borrow or buy, sell players and exchange players for playing for their team. Arrange the side as you want and let the players make their best intentions. Bring out the tactics and play style for your squad. The system has a built-in graph that allows the player to track and can directly observe the strengths and weaknesses of the placement. From there you can reset your squad and play style, so they have better matches.

Train your team every day, help them practice good soccer techniques, help them understand each other, combine an excellent way to match the ball in the best way and score the best. The goal is to win the team. Look for bright faces and dismiss players so badly. Does the game offer you a player exchange system? Each player has their own play and stats, look for their team the best player. Also, the game also held a lot of great seasons such as World Cup, Champion Language, … with a lot of stars in the soccer world. You will have to deal with them, but do not worry, make the right team and have unique strategies, winning is not difficult. And after every season, decide and honor the best players in your squad.

Animation graphics

The game has quite simple graphics, familiar 3D animation style, Football Empire – Football Manager 2018 will help you after hours of stress and stress. You will be portrayed as a brilliant former coach who directs the best soccer players in the world.

Sum up

With your love of football, lead your team to become champions in the entertainment industry. With a genuinely committed team, active play and team-mates, your team will be more potent than ever, bringing in the noble titles. Join the game and become a talented coach, becoming one of the world’s greatest football talents

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