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Sega has been a well-known game franchise that has dominated the market for many years. Games released under the guarantee of them have very high rate and many positive comments from the game from easy to hard to calculate. Recently, they have continued to inform the worldwide gaming community about the launch of their latest RPG, Wonder Gravity (ワ ン ダ ー グ ラ ビ テ ィ ~ ピ ノ と 重力 使 い ~). Apparently, the previous sign up portal has been opened, exciting gifts for the quickest people are always ready (gems is a stable gift already for you, be assured). Let’s find out some of the features of the game offline.

Before learning about the features of the game, players should know a bit about the team who have spent a lot of effort to create it. F4samurai is a game development team, if you want to learn more about them you can find the famous game Magpie Madoka Magica Madoka Magica [Magia Record]. And to be sure the game will fit in with an attractive animation design that is refined by Studio M2. you need a compelling story. Most of you are familiar with the famous manga/anime series, perhaps once having read about screenwriter Yasuko Kobayashi.


The special attraction of Japanese game makers is that their content is vibrant and new, and it is beyond the imagination of many. A universe completely different from where we live is under the fantasy of Yasuko Kobayashi. There are no continents or oceans, but only the sky. Everybody is born, grows and fights in an endless space.

Lennon was curious to find Enroll – the place where the bottom of the world was, and there was trouble there. He tried to send his son a letter with the words “I have reached ‘Endroll’. And so our story begins with the main character being Hugo – Lennon’s son and his friend Neil go to the end of the world to save his father. But that action accidentally hit the dark organisation. They are the ones who govern both the heavens and other gravitational users, so they do not want anyone to discover the hidden mystery of Enroll. The journey of the two young men will be hindered by their hindrance, but it only makes them more determined to find out the truth and rescue Lennon.


The game is quite simple if you have a lot of knowledge about this game. Each match will be divided into two opposing teams, fighting in the sky. Finally, you will face a huge boss. Try to preserve your resources and energy until you find it, and you need to pass all your skills and do not keep the force. The game is designed in 3D, the chibi character is cute, and the camera is also refined in a 360-degree rotation around the game.

Sum up

Wonder Gravity APK is a gentle choice for those who like adventurous adventure but not too dark and difficult to play. But there is a small point that the game only supports Japanese so try to get a bit because it does not have the English version, only Japanese. However, the game is simple, so please enjoy it.

Pre-reg: http://wonder-gravity.sega.jp

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