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Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan is one of the oldest entertainment companies in Japan as well as in the world. They have released many favourite games on the PlayStation series but have not officially set foot in the game phone market. Therefore, the company has officially announced the good news for the gaming community that 2018 will be the first step on the road to conquer this potential market. First, they established a company under the name ForwardWorks. The first names such as Hot Shots Golf and Arc the Lad has caused great resonance in the world of mobile games. And recently the brand new (but actually old) was put on the “surgical table” to the player is Wild Arms Million Memories.

Legend be revived?

Wild Arms has been around for a long time in the game’s history but was only released on the PS1 in 1996. It was well known for its in-depth content, a perfect combination of fantasy and a Western setting. with strategy elements and sound system are carefully and majestic. But the old story was very famous and became legendary, certainly no longer attractive. So, a new story and adventurous adventure will become the main attraction of this game.

This year, Wild Arms: Million Memories will definitely be launched in Japan. Many gamers are predicting that the Japanese version will be available shortly before the release of the English version for global fans. Before the release of the game). But I think definitely will be because this is a rework of a game that has a past too successful and the number of people backing it will be countless. Not to mention the game will be released on both iOS and Android platform so everyone can experience it easier than ever.

ForwardWorks is the only company responsible for the release and management of the game and Wright Flyer Studios is directly involved in the process of creating a blockbuster again. Besides, it is not possible to mention the extremely attractive music video released along with the game. You will unconsciously fascinate with it for that view. Just playing the game and listening to the right game with the details of the game, what is interesting again?

In this 2018…

At present, there is still a bit of accurate information about how to play, character appearance as well as the story of the new adventure but certainly, the background remains the same. Still Filgaia with the desert deserts and winds of sand, the Metal Demons still threaten the lives of people and Ewl use ARMS as a specialized weapon. All classic and modern blends together. Hope you will welcome it as warmly as our father once did.

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