WarLocksZ (魔法 軍團 WarLocksZ)

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It seems that recently the Chinese game makers are gradually getting stronger as their games are of high quality. If we compare them to the current Japanese games, we can hardly distinguish between Japanese and Japanese games. Therefore, the Chinese game makers have a vast mind that will occupy the Japanese market. They want to squeeze in the land that is dubbed the game’s holy ground. Just a few days ago there was a Chinese game published by Senpai publisher preregistration and release date in Japan this early June this year named Iron Saga (機動 戦 隊 ア イ ア ン サ ー ガ). In my opinion, the gameplay and graphics of the two games are quite similar, but each game has its own unique points worth to learn.

WarLocksZ (魔法 軍團 WarLocksZ) is the name I’m referring to. Edia will be responsible for releasing and operating the game throughout its run in the Japanese market. It is hoped that when they enter such a competitive market, they will retain their own identity for a long time.

The story of the game is set in an extremely tense context as the two countries struggled for a hundred years and will continue to do so without any party ending the war. But the casualties of this almost unfinished battle have been reduced to a minimum thanks to the modern technology called WarLocksZ. Basically, they are massive robots with a tremendous amount of damage, and they are also equipped with heavy weapons capable of blowing a whole army in a second.

You will have to play a hero on the battlefield and fight for the national glory as well as for the long-term peace of the people here. With 250 pre-designed robots, you are free to choose and bring to the battlefield if you have unlocked before. With beautiful 3D graphics and smooth movements and physical interaction, it will surely satisfy you. WarLocksZ APK will arrive in Japan in Summer 2018 so please quickly pre-register for the earliest experience.

The game will be released in the near future, now you can pre-register at here to receive attractive gifts.

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