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For those who love action-packed action games, it’s not impossible to know Tale of Five Kingdoms, a game that was released last year in Korea by the famous game company 4:33 CreativeLabs. The game has gained a lot of success as the number of players. Positive reviews appear everywhere, becoming a blockbuster game in last year. The producer is also in the closed beta phase, and Tale of Five Kingdoms (다섯왕국이야기) will hit the international market shortly.

Rich characteristic

The game has over 100 warriors of various components that are very diverse and suitable for the taste of the user. Each character is equipped with different costumes for the player to change. There are also weapons and combat skills. Collect as many different characters and create your own loyal and brave army. Overcome challenges with difficult tasks to realise the dream of unity in the rest of the world and bring peace to the world.

Historical background of the myth

Joining the Tale of Five Kingdoms, players will be drawn to the story of the power struggle of the kingdoms. The war is still ongoing, but no real nation has ever won. Your participation in commanding the ranks of brave and brave warriors will be a new highlight, help your country win and dissolve every plot that the enemy is building.

Power struggle

This is not merely an invasion, an extension of the boundaries of individual states. In this world, there are beautiful crystals but also very dangerous. They can bring prosperity, wealth and most importantly the eternal existence of the owner. As a result, the struggles for them explode between nations, between warriors and those who hold the supremacy of the world.

Become one of the top five generals in the kingdom

When playing the game, you will be playing ahead of any country you want. Your task is to lead the army to battle and collect the crystals to unify the five kingdoms again. The game has 7 chapters, and more than 200 different missions await you to explore. Players only need to select the character to act, after each battle reward you receive is gold, items along with skills or weapons …

As one of the blockbuster games of the past year, the development of the game in the next instalment is expected to bring a new space of fighting for those who love Tale of Five Kingdoms MOD. Also, Chinese, Korean and English versions are also set to be released for players in other countries to take part in this exciting adventure. Along with other role-playing games, space is set in the context of the wars of the ancient Five Nations and the system of characters in the Tale of Five Kingdoms is designed meticulously and unique. There are more than 100 different characters who are well-equipped with costumes and weapons. True sound combined with Unreal Engine 4 technology will not disappoint you.

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