SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag (MOD god mode/MP)

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Since the 1960s, anime has been known as one of the most famous Japanese shows. It has sparked a fever all over the country until the 2000s that exploded in other areas such as newspapers, comics, cosplay, cartoons … have gradually become a hot trend until now. Besides, the anime-inspired game industry has also emerged very strongly. And until recently, the role-playing games, set the scene as well as the character of the anime is the community of gamers special attention. Typically SWORD ART ONLINE; Memory Defrag below that I’m going to introduce to you. It was published and developed by BANDAI NAMCO publisher

SAO: Memory Defrag is a game that allows you to transform into one of your favourite characters such as Kirito, Asuna, Leafa, and other characters from the manga and anime series. You will be taken to the battlefield reluctantly, your only option to survive is to take up arms and fight. The battlefield has a lot of enemies, including vicious animals, killers and scary monsters. Be careful!

Adventurous adventure

To start the game, you are given a character. The system will guide you in detail what you need to do to get new characters, mission systems and other functions in the game. This will make it easier for you to access the game. And each character you get, they have their own advantages and characteristics and belong to different schools such as swords, archers, or mages. Each character has unique gameplay, attacks and skills. Each character will have their own development system, power, HP, defence, etc. Complete many quests to level up your character, which will make them strong.

Next, there are control and attack menus. They are located at the bottom of the screen; the left side is the control menu that you can move, the right list is the attack is built into your character, you need to do is just click on the virtual button there. About monsters and enemies, they are very diverse, and the level of difficulty in each level is different, they will gradually become stronger, which will make you feel more difficult. However, at each level, you will be carrying a total of three characters, two of whom will fight and support the character you are in control of. Upgrade your weapons and equipment, and in the shop, you will also be able to sell stuff with excellent quality.


The graphics system in the game is exceptionally elaborate design; it shows a sharp 3D graphics and true. The sound is also quite lively, bringing a lot of inspiration for the player. SAO; Memory Defrag is the most famous anime-inspired game in Japan today. It has great appeal from the integrated functions in the character and the new gameplay in the game. Install the game, and together with your friends, transform yourself into the most famous characters in this cherry blossom, pick up weapons and use the skills to kill the monsters right now!

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