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Becoming a hero against the evil forces is always a secret dream of every child. And as we grow older, the fantasies of a fairy-tale world with mages, warriors and spirits or mysterious creatures coexist gradually fading away. Fairy tales go down the drain every night, and we all lose a very lovely part of childhood. To revive your childhood dreams and let your imagination run wild, Activision and Com2uS have teamed up to launch the highly acclaimed title Skylanders: Ring of Heroes.


The story begins when the evil mage Kaos opens the cracks in space, and many people are caught up in that cracks, entering a completely different world. Here, they become heroes, searching for the Skylanders to help fight the dark wizard and his legion, protect the lands and find the way back.

Find and summon heroes

This is a role-playing card game. At the start of the game, you will be playing one of the Portal Masters caught in space cracks. You can choose the character of your choice, each character brings in a whole and a different power. Then you will gather a lot of Skylanders to form a powerful group, join the task of destroying the evil creatures and save the land from dark forces.

Level upgrades, each level will open up new features, new powerful characters will appear, so you can collect into your army. When fighting, pay attention to arrange the character of your team to be reasonable, depending on the skills and elements to make the enemy easier to win. The reward for completing missions is very high, which can help you improve your army’s strengths, skills and levels. When fighting, pay close attention to the energy bar at the bottom of the screen to make sure you are using the proper tactics, avoiding wasted leads when needed, and not having enough energy to use. Time for a match is limited so make sure you win in the fastest time possible.

In addition to passing a fixed copy with increasing difficulty to collect valuable items, once you reach a certain level, you can compare your skills and tactics with other players. Global 1vs1 PK mode is extremely attractive. Demonstrate your bravery and show them your perfect army and the strongest. Character system in the game extremely rich and comprehensive. And it’s important to wake up, upgrade your skills and develop your character. Besides, there are many items that you can equip your characters to make them more effective. Depending on the power and element, choose the right equipment.


Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a cute and fun cartoon style. Characters with a variety of shapes, extremely beautiful dragons and monsters are well designed. Bright game colours, easy-to-use interface to help players have the best possible experience.


Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is an extremely worthwhile game for you to choose. For those who are passionate about video games on mobile phones, this is a great game that can not be missed. With its unique storyline, multiplayer mode, levelling up, pk, you’ll be thrilled to download such a great game. Hurry up!

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