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If the creator of “Game of Throne” gets the idea of a power struggle based on the torture of his adopted turtles, I’m still wondering, “The RWBY series is a catchy catch of the cats for the mice? “. Maybe it’s right or not, but it sure is that if anyone has seen this film and will be impressed by the Huntsmen and Huntresses. Each person is built personality and very complex interior changes together with the highest combat match so that viewers can not take their eyes off the screen. So if the movie is transformed into an attractive online game, do you support it enthusiastically? Recently, NHN Entertainment has worked with Rooster Teeth, the father of the anime series, about transforming the popular work into a mobile game. RWBY: Amity Arena is being revealed as a “strategic duel mobile game”. You will be transformed into characters that you love so long.

Plot from the anime

The content of the RWBY: Amity Arena game will follow closely when the context will be placed in the world of Remanent and follows RWBY team as they train to become Hunters and Huntresses. Our team will have to attend the Vytal Festival – a fighting festival that you must fight with other teams in different environments. Use your control skills in this RPG and become the bravest hunter. RWBY: Amity Arena is scheduled for release later this year. According to the publisher, the game will be released and accessible free but will have in-app purchases. If you want to support the manufacturer please buy some packages offline.

Anime 3D style graphics

If compared to the game can be equal to the popular RPG games such as Perfect World Mobile or Hunter x Hunter upcoming release of Chinese tycoon Tencent game. Characters are designed based on the original pattern in the anime, but their lines still carry the style of NHN Entertainment. Can be recognized through their famous games such as Crusaders Quest, Jumanji: The Mobile Game and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The launch is very spectacular and beautifully will make the player want to admire it many times without boring. In addition, the monsters are bizarrely designed and carry the same kind of power as the anime. The landscape is sure to be the jungle of pristine wilderness, the trees growing lush creates opportunities for the bloodthirsty hiding. Always be alert and keep the hunter’s mind, do not become prey to the dark monsters are waiting to turn you into delicious dishes for their dinner.

Sum up

Take another game adapted from famous works. Nowadays major game makers and publishers are moving their markets to mobile games so you will soon have more quality options. So, be quick to experience these games because the latter will have better games than publish, you will not have time to try them all.

RWBY: Amity Arena APK is in the process of completion. Currently, the publisher has not revealed anything more about this game. All information will be updated soon here.

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