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Years where the internet has not become so accessible and easy to access as now, offline gaming is one of the pleasures of youth entertainment. Besides the strategy games or RPG attractive, there are still very high entertainment games, reflecting the real life should be much loved. Hello Neighbor is one of those games with the most anticipated 3D graphics of all time with a new, innovative gameplay. You will play a naughty child and teasing his neighbour’s obesity, fastidious. It’s done as a prank program, and the more creative the trick is, the more points you get.

In 2018, a brand new game based on the idea of pitting the neighbours but combining more horror and more action game style and puzzle game like Norman Rockwell, this is an excellent choice for leisure time. Hello Neighbor is sure to be loved because it has a lot of mystery to explore along with the teaser still retained like the previous game.

Not a violent horror game

Here, you are adventurous in an old house on the outskirts of the city. Although it looks like a place to rest peacefully but actually contains a secret that should be discovered. Try not to be caught; the consequences will not be good who is squeezed. Break into the house and try to stealth as a thief, so it’s easy to investigate the mystery. Many tools are designed so that you can interact with it and mislead the evil neighbour. He is brilliant and can learn the moves of the player through his failed chase. So create as much as possible, do not repeat the old steps and combine so much with the objects in the house.

If neighbour finds you, try to run and run away from the house. If you get caught, it means you lose. The situation is similar to the cartoon Tom and Jerry, but do not expect the neighbour to be as stupid as Tom. Remember, he was a tricky old man who created so many traps in the house trying to catch you.

Highlights of Hello Neighbor game

  • The game has a third view, giving a sense of authenticity and suspense
  • It is a game based on horror novels but with funny cartoon style
  • No plot or goals. The mission of the player is to discover the house of the neighbour. Of course, do not let him catch you
  • Use creative tactics to deceive him.

Beautiful 3D graphics

Hello Neighbor has shown its youth with a full 3D graphics rotation. It’s like a weird first-person cartoon that will make you feel the weirdness it brings. The dark and oppressive atmosphere is thoroughly described to give players the feeling of being truly scared, but there are no amazing, scary scenes like the now famous horror games. However, it requires players to focus heavily on hiding and finding ways to make the old man unable to catch himself. Things are designed with realistic physics interactivity quite well, but there are unknown functions unlike real life to add to the singularity of the game. The interface is made in English so it’s easy to understand what’s going on in the house.

Sum up

Perhaps this would be a good idea to train your hiding skills before breaking into your hated neighbour and stirring up a fight. But if it’s really the house of the neighbours that’s so weird like this; then you should run away, do not be foolish and go in there. Maybe that will be one of the worst experiences of your life. But if it only exists in the game then surely your leisure time will be much more valuable.

The game will be released on June 22 for Android and iOS. The APK file will be uploaded immediately.

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