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Until now God of War is still a name that can not fade in the minds of many gamers. 2005 was the first milestone in the most engaging fighting game of all time. So far, it’s bloody, everyone recognizes the king of Mortal Kombat, but since the birth of God of War, the leading position may have to cede it. Not to mention that at the time of this mythical theme is quite a lot of games have been exploited but not yet exploited the human side can win the gods. Not win with wit and intelligence so that the gods can bless themselves but kill the gods.

Kratos will return

It is true that Kratos’ journey on the path to destroying each of the Greek gods became the focus of the time. The brutal killings, Kratos’ rage, caused the fallen gods to fall and he was automatically named “God of War”. After many years and many versions of God of War was born to satisfy the needs of gamers but the still old content and an old Kratos, the community began to lose interest in this series.

Recently, pleased news for the fans of this game is Sony Entertainment, and SIE Santa Monica Studio have combined and released God of War 4 wholly released rights to the PS4. And unlike previous versions, Kratos is smarter, more calm, responsible and fun. Let me see what game that people are supposed to win the title of “Game of the year 2018” offline.

Simple gameplay, deep storyline

Surely many people know about Kratos’s killing journey, so I do not need to talk too much about this. But there is still a brief introduction to how to play so that newcomers can grasp as quickly as possible. This is a PS4 exclusive game so players will have to have a set of tools to play. Move with four navigation buttons and attack with pre-assigned keys with 3 skills and a basic attack button. Use your own control skills to dodge and throw skills and opponents to kill them.

Speaking a little bit about the content, in this section Kratos will lead his small child and train it to become a real warrior. Atreus, the son of God of War, will stand by his father on a dangerous path to the land of the gods of Europe. Kratos must be calm, tolerant and responsible to his son. Will the two sons and daughters destroy all Nordic deities and survive?


If you can criticise this game for graphics, then there will not be any more games that can satisfy you. The protagonist and his opponents are designed to look exactly like real people. Every detail on the body, weapons, physical moves and interacting with everything around them is 100% genuine. The energy spilt from Kratos spreads all over the surrounding space, causing the gods to retreat. The new journey, the new challenges and the new virtues of a god appeared in this game. If you are a real fan, do not hesitate to buy games to enjoy.

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