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Over thousands of years, the human imagination has not declined but has become increasingly rich. And the dragon is one of the most enchanted creatures in human fantasy. Many popular dramas use the image as The Hobbit 1,2,3, or anime fans such as Highschool DxD and most recently blockbuster Dragon Knights sponsored by the NEXON game empire. And apparently, to compete with his brother, Nintendo also shook hands with Cygames and launched a game inspired by the legendary creature. But the main story does not entirely revolve around dragons, but it’s just a tool for the protagonist to burst into strength in the most difficult situations. Dragalia Lost (ドラガリアロスト) is a game that we want to recommend to players to enjoy in the summer of 2018 coming. Nexon has detailed plans for the launch of the game so you can rest assured that you will experience it properly offline.

Recently, Nintendo has made many gamers happy by bringing the console games to mobile devices. The most recent is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, right after the launch of this game has achieved countless success, along with a lot of praise from the players. Thanks to this game, they have come back to childhood. Do not forget that in 2019, Nintendo will also introduce the Mario Kart Tour to mobile devices. Let’s wait to experience together.


Five friends together on the journey to learn their own strength is also complete the task of destroying monsters defend their own land. They carry a kind of power that few people take responsibility for, which is the dragon. Whenever they burst into strength, they transform into a dragon that fits their body and personality. During the adventure, try your best to learn how to control your great power in battle.

Players will be allowed to convene a team of 5 to complete the assigned tasks. Find out the strength of each person to use properly in combat. As you can see, you will have to build a primary team of tankers and gladiators, one who deals physical damage, and one who uses magic and a spirit of support. At the necessary time, unleash the power of the dragon to finish the match. There will be so many monsters waiting for you to destroy.


To compare with the Dragon Knights of NEXON, ‘Dragalia Lost’ is not inferior at all. Both games show us that full 3D graphics are taken care of very well. The moves and moves of the character are also very smooth and refined. The monster system of the game is based on the subtle combinations of yokais (monsters in the Japanese myths), monster lions from the black hole enough to make us dismay. But when the main character’s dragon is summoned, it really overwhelms everything. Besides, Dragon Knight is more interested in the costume of the character, while Dragalia focuses on graphics as the character turned into a dragon.

Sum up

A game that demonstrates the high power and authority of the dragon. Also, it tells the player a fascinating story in the journey of friends on the path of self-discovery. Come to the game to find out more of their stuff.

Pre-reg: https://dragalialost.com/cht/pre_registration

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