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If you are an adult then surely the dream of a childhood hero becomes a fictional story that cannot come true. But not all adults are desperate for justice, for their adventures and for the great heroes they dream of. The strongest evidence is that the superhero products such as comic books or movies of Marvel and DC are always the most popular things. Its annual sales are still high enough to surpass all of today’s entertainment. Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner is also a type of entertainment products and heroics are one of the topics that manufacturers focus most.

Brave Frontier is a top-rated series of games with many years of fascinating and popular content. Besides, it becomes even stronger by linking together and becoming a separate universe. It is so that the stories are connected in a systematic and transparent way. Those who played the previous parts cannot stop playing the following parts. And vice versa, those who enjoy the latter are always looking for ways to learn the game before. Most recently, gumi Inc. has announced the launch of another game in the universe. Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner is the turning point to open a new era for the Brave Frontier timeline.

If you have not heard about gumi Inc. I will update something. The company has such well-known games as Brave Frontier, The Alchemist Code, and Phantom of the Kill and also contributed to the creation of the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.


First of all, we must clearly distinguish that it is not Brave Frontier 2, so there is no need to focus too much on what was shown in the first section to see if game good or bad. Therefore, the producers try to create new points that do not coincide with what happened in previous games.

The story of the game is set for a very long time compared to the main timeline. It is a spin-off after 1000 years, so it seems that all you know about its previous titles seems to be useless. You have to find out the story of the game from the beginning.

This RPG will be extremely successful because it offers an extensive character system and lets them battle each other in a chaotic battle with a lot of enemies. However, the order of combat will not be too confused if you are familiar with the game.

3D cute graphics

In this respect, it is also a specialization of the manufacturer because it does not want to be affected too much by the great shadow of Brave Frontier. Instead of pixel-art graphics, it focuses on simple 2D graphics. This is obvious and not too appealing to new players, but if you look closely, you will see the benefits. 2D will be more suited to chaotic combat, although it is difficult to observe but more comfortable to control.


Around the end of the year, the game will be launched and promises to be a standalone RPG success as it opens a new era with the Brave Frontier series. Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner will be available on Android and iOS devices so that it will be very convenient for gamers in the future. But it is still on the plan. Stay tuned and wait for the official pre-registration campaign to begin in the near future.

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