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Today, when people fight or war, there will be mercenaries with terrible weapons destroying everything within a note. In such battles, only humans fight each other, guns and bullets constantly on the battlefield. The bullet is wounded or dead, and no magic or miracles occur in this terrible place. However, in the story of human legends transmitted back to the dark and backward medieval, the wars seem much more virtual. There are famous heroes who stand up to fight for the people being oppressed by landlords, or battling monsters, dragons, monsters … to free the people from the clutches of their cruelty. “Bless Mobile” is a new game by developers Neowiz accurately depicts the world with various exciting mechanisms and interesting stories.

Little is known about the Neowiz brand, and it’s a well-known brand in the Korean gaming market, with products that bring success in Asia as well as the whole world. For example, Crossfire (2007), Battlefield Online (2010) and the DJMax series, … Now with Bless Mobile promises to continue to make a significant impact in this extremely competitive RPG community.


First of all, it’s an RPG game so you’ll have to choose the character that best suits your style (or if you do not already have a gameplay style, try all the layers. character to select the champion that you like the most). There are several classes typical for this game such as Guardian (this class of hero has hard armour and much damage but short attack range), Berserker (kill or be killed with brutal fight combos), Ranger (far attack range),. After choosing your favourite character, explore the tremendous medieval world and become the most powerful knight. Also, when fighting monsters, you can even domesticate them to become a mount or a pet. When it comes to the dungeons, bravely enter it and explore the dark world deep in the earth to earn the more worthy reward.

3D Graphics

You can compare it with games such as Project TL (Lineage Eternal 2), SaGa Scarlet Grace (SQUARE ENIX), … can see that its graphics are not inferior. Well-designed warriors, in line with the class of characters they belong to, even dress themselves up with all the wonders that humans can imagine. Besides, each of them possesses their own unique skills that demonstrate their strengths. For example, Rangers have skills that aid basic attacks, or Mages can release fire or ice causing extensive damage. They will be allowed to fight on vast grasslands or ruined citadel. Accelerated battle sound also speeds up the game when the player starts to strike.

Recommended configuration

Bless Mobile is an MMORPG with a lot of attractive features. Along with that is a very beautiful 3D graphics platform. Not to mention there are thousands of attractive features. The game consumes a lot of space and RAM of the phone. The publisher does not provide a specific configuration to be able to experience this game smoothly. However, with what we’ve seen above, we probably need a Snapdragon 800 and 3GB RAM to work with this game.

Sum up

Famous voice actors and celebrity designers will gather to make this latest blockbuster promising to please fans. But its release date has not been set correctly, so just a few of it will allow Early Access on Steam sometime in May 2018. Patience and wait for the official release.

Bless for the phone will also be released alongside Bless Online for the console (see Steam). However, these two versions will probably be the same two different servers so that the player has the fairest match. (Like what Tencent did with PUBG Mobile)

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