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RPG is a concept that almost covers all the current action games. MOBA games, shooters or tactics have a bit of RPG and always get a lot of support from fans around the world. Battleheart is a very famous RPG game, but it costs 2 years to continue rolling out its sequel from September of 2016 to the present. The gamers’ community had grown up when producer Mika Mobile announced that it had completed 60% of the work with the game in April. And many persons in the studio have also said that the publisher may launch the game in the month. 6 in 2018. But they also said that the game would not be released until they see a suitable opportunity. And recently, they made the gamer boom when announced to launch the game on July 12th, and they’ve released this incredible new trailer.

Incredibly addictive and fun

First, let’s talk about the fascinating mechanics of the game, combining the many types of gameplay that are prevalent together. Assume that it is an RPG game because the player will be able to control all characters in the game freely. Their moves also have complex combinations. A match will take place with a maximum of 4 characters, and they are all controlled by you. However, it is not like a card game or turn-based game. Characters are not standing still and do not fight in a sequential and easy to control. Players will have to control their characters move on the map continuously to select the target to destroy and dodge the opponent’s way. They will fight continually but only basic attacks, their moves will be decided by you. Touch the character to see a selection of skills appear on the phone screen and press to launch skills. Combine them together to create the most potent effect possible.

The characters are divided into different classes such as Warrior, Palladium, Supporter, Wizard, etc. They all have their own functions, and perhaps a perfect team must incorporate factors such as tolerance, magic and physical damage, healers. Make sure the healers have a fixed safety location so that they focus on supporting and controlling the most powerful sources of contamination to destroy the dangerous objects. Boss battles will require more movement and coordination among team members.

The RPG feature also shows that you are allowed to upgrade your character’s strength, equipment, and strength. Focus on creating the right tactics, enhancing the powers needed to match it, and learning how to move the squad for the better. The game becomes increasingly difficult as the enemy automatically builds teams that have enough elements to make a strong team.


The game is a combination of RPF / RTS genre and card game – tactics. Thus, the warm welcome of the players is a natural part of this Battleheart 2. Hopefully, part 2 will bring more characters, more skills with new interaction and graphics will be upgraded continuously. The future of the game is still uncertain, but perhaps it will still be loved by many because of the creativity of the game maker during the game.

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