Avernum 3: Ruined World

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You are living in a peaceful and modern world. Everything is full and there is no such thing as a challenge worth worrying about. But what if one day you come to a strange world, desolate and ruined, flooded with danger and trials? For those who have a passion for discovery and adventure, the publisher of Spiderweb Software has launched a very interesting game: Avernum 3: Ruined World.


Avernum 3: Ruined World tells the story of a diverse and complex world, with different species living together on a planet and being dominated by a cruel empire. Anyone who shows signs of disobedience or opposition to the government will be arrested and imprisoned in an underground prison called Avernum. This is a place full of dark and deadly when all prisoners day and day struggle with monsters and internal wars to survive in a harsh space. But, nothing could surpass the desire to survive, the inmates were quick to fight against the yoke of the empire underground and win

From here, their lives have come to a new level, and they have become the people of freedom. However, they have been underground for so long and the world above the ground has now become completely alien. No one knows what awaits them ahead, and so the organization of the survivors is forced to send out a spy team to spy on the ground before sending everyone there. Unfortunately, after a long time, the connection was cut off and no one knew where they were or how the situation was. The organization is forced to send another spy team of up to four people, performing unfinished missions and from here, your game starts.


How to play

When you enter the world of Avernum 3: Ruined World, you will be selected team of 4 characters that you like. Your team will be led by a human, and the rest of the team may consist of many different species. You may encounter a Nephilim with a cat-like appearance and fur, a reptilian race known as Slithzerikai, or Vahnatai, who looks mysteriously looking like a wizard or aliens, … Then you will be with your party on the ground, scouting the situation by going through a lot of different small towns, completing missions, and the experience of the whole team, fighting the hideous monsters that destroyed countless towns and massacred the people, towards the ultimate goal of stopping the massive invasion of power of the evil and rescue the world.

You will have to lead your team to complete many missions, in addition to the main task, there will be many side missions. Complete them well, and you will increase a great deal of experience with your characters, improving their skills as well as their strength. Your people will have to go through many towns and there, there are plenty of great items such as weapons awaiting you to explore. Choose the equipment that best suits the strength of each person in your team. Clothing can be a hat, a suit, a belt, footwear, a bracelet, a weapon like a sword or a bow, etc. Every one of them carries đifferent attributes and powers will make your character become much stronger.

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Game design style in the minimalist style, deep colours and characters as well as the items are quite small. However, the system of characters and articles are designed quite comprehensive will not make players feel boring.

Sum up

If you’re a ventured fan of adventure and adventure, this is a great game for you. In the world of Avernum 3: Ruined World, you can do whatever you want, freely choosing the path to your team without having to follow any pattern. As long as your team can be strong and reach the final goal, this is where you show your creative thinking and tactical prowess. Come to Avernum 3: Ruined World and join this exciting and challenging world!

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