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For a long time, around 2004, Gameloft has created a game that since then has become the standard of the racing game series. “Asphalt” is the name that every year many fans are waiting for the new version. Gameplay and graphics quality is highly appreciated by gamers and gamers alike. Indeed, the Asphalt dynasty would be hardly interchangeable without the great innovations in the game. However, there are still games developed later to earn some success because it is not inferior to the blockbuster regarding expertise but only a little less marketing. Project CARS 1 (2015) marks a new step in this series as it suddenly becomes popular with many gamers because of its novelty. In 2018 this official game began the next step into the mobile gaming market when the manufacturer has announced that it will release a spin-off game called Project CARS GO (should not be confused with Square Enix’s Go series of puzzle games). They argue that the innovations and strange mechanics will attract more fans and compete directly with Asphalt 9.

Slightly Mad Studios must be familiar with the players who are interested in this game. Not only for Project CARS but also for Need For Speed Shift. This latest game is a very refined product, is also their forte. Promising it will continue to grow and become a future for this series. Also, there is still another insurance for its success, which is the release of Bandai Namco as the publisher along with its producer.

The most realistic car racing game on mobile

Actually, the game’s control system has not been officially announced to those who are interested in the game. But the manufacturer has promised players a good gameplay and not disappoint. Alongside GAMEVIL, Project CARS GO puts players in the driver’s seat to experience the adrenaline pumping racing game in a whole new way, “said by the developer. The game will have a lot of new models to hit the market and even the limited edition for the race. If you can get enough gold in the games, quickly unlocking them or using real money to buy them is another way. The third view from the top is probably a good way for players to observe the overall race. The camera will frequently rotate to capture all the epic moments you create.

High-end 3D graphics

In my opinion, it’s still a bit weaker than Gameloft’s blockbuster, but it’s in racing graphics. It looks like the racing system is not as complicated as it is, but it also ensures that full 3D graphics are sharp with extremely small hitboxes that are less error-prone. Traffic is sure if you look at the concept art or even the trailer will not distinguish whether it is a real race or a game without looking outside. Many colours and models are updated regularly, allowing you to own the best products of the world famous car manufacturers.

Coming Soon…

Thanks to the constant creativity and effort of the producers, in the future it will become a hot pick in this game alongside the other popular names. In addition, it is also referred to as the ashes novelty of his game, breaking the path than the game goes the safe way to earn revenue. Maybe in the future, it will become the new standard of racing games.

Project Cars GO will be released for Android and iOS in the near future. All information will be updated at the APKMODE website

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