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There are a few myths that die and leave for humanity the never-ending regret. But there are immortal myths like Mario. Ever since the early versions, they have always been changing, and many generations have been fascinated by this game for decades, even though my little brother is still playing Mario while I am writing articles for readers. Recent Mario releases are no longer as simple as 2D pixel graphics but have become 3D with colour and smooth motion.

Not to mention, the content and mechanics have a lot of innovations to pursue the trend of the gaming market and the tastes of young people playing games now. But one thing I am pleased is that no matter how it changes, Mario still retains its original appeal. Recently, there was some information that Nintendo would launch a new Mario game called Mario Kart Tour. This promises to be a new game, giving the current generation of children new experiences of an old legend.

March 2019 coming soon…

So the biggest question for publishers is: When is this game coming out? To answer the rumours or even rumours of lack of authenticity, Nintendo has confirmed on the Tweeter that “the checkered flag has been raised and the line is near.” Then you can understand that the release date has been very close and will definitely have a beta test before the game officially launched. Then, if you are interested in it, follow the information regularly to be able to update the latest information about it. But if you do not have enough free time to pay attention to the day, publishers have confirmed the date of the game into the App Store will be “fiscal year ending in March 2019.”

Until now people have not been told which game will play on which operating system. Therefore, the information or videos available on the internet are just rumours and games that the players you play are fake. So please wait patiently for the publisher’s next information. But there are also some “reliable” rumours that the game will be released on iOS and Android at the same time as the Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Because this game seems to be a lightweight game, there’s no need to be too smart about smartphone hardware.

Travel around the world?

Regarding gameplay, you probably have your own speculation about it when reading the game’s title. Perhaps this will be the race cars on different land with the main character is obviously Mario. But with the word “tour”, this is probably a series of races, bringing many people around the world into the same contest to find the one with the highest skill. The graphics of the game are definitely high with the character system available that will not disappoint the player. But I hope Nintendo will add the offline mode with new mechanics for long time players but judging by Nintendo’s past; we’re not holding our breath.

Graphics so good

Nintendo’s fans will have to say, “Why is this game so beautifully graphics?” Perhaps thanks to the advanced technology that Nintendo has given Mario Kart Tour APK a beautiful 3D graphics. All of the familiar characters we’ve seen on consoles are now entirely redesigned. Look very soulful.

Mario Kart Tour has not been officially released for Android, please wait…

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