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My house has a fat cat, and it is sluggish, I just have to lay it all the time and move it to the place where I have to roll it. Very hard. Sometimes I sit alone, thinking that I have a magic that can create the airways in the air so that my cat rolls faster and then let them disappear. Then I started to remember that there is a game quite similar to Where’s My Water? of Walt Disney. But the main character in it does not roll like my cat. So I started looking online for some related games while I was waiting for the cat to finish his dinner. Finally, I found Polar Rollout, where the polar bear polarised with its friends rolled on ice to eat all the fish. Let’s see how Blue Evolution Interactive, LLC makes this game interesting.

Simple, cute, fun

Pirahas come from another dimension that plots to sabotage life on Earth and silently land on the wilderness. This is the Arctic, which is where our main character lives. Meet the aliens flying out of a portal monster, how do you do? Of course, kill all the fish and hit the portal and destroy it. But by rolling (because the bear is too fat should run floating).

Players will have to manually draw a runway and roll the bear on it to roll through all the fish, and the last point is the portal. In the game, there will be a lot of tools available with different mechanics. Use them to kill all the fish on the screen.

Graphics: Incredibly cute

But polar bears, even elephants are designed with chibi style, extremely fat, dwarf with a cute face. Whenever we start turning them around, the balls will roll over the path we have drawn. The animal balloons move smoothly on the runway, enough to show you how to move them, making it easier to draw runways. The background scenery will be changed as often as an adventure to hell, peanuts to the desert island and desert in the desert … to create excitement for players. All of these scenes are painted in bright colours but still hold the blue, white mains of snow and ice to match the theme of the game. High-pitched songs are very suitable for children who can play them and enjoy some music.

Sum up

The recently released game has been rated 4.8 out of 5 on the most trusted iOS game site. By the way, the game can only be played on iOS platform, so that is a pity for Android users. Hopefully, in the future, it will be Blue Evolution Interactive, LLC released version for Android. At least, enjoy it first on iOS already.

Read fast

A new puzzle game with innovative mechanics from Blue Evolution Interactive, LLC called Polar Rollout. Manually draw a runway and allow cute fat animals to roll on it to destroy all enemies – Piranha from other planets and destroy the Portal. The game will have 120 different maps with different layouts and items placed on maps that you can take advantage of. Finally, collect all the cute characters in the game like polar bears, turtles, elephants, tigers … They are adorable with chibi artwork. Please download the game and enjoy it on the iOS platform, unfortunately when Android is not yet played.

The game has not been officially released for Android, please wait…

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