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Limbo, Monument Valley? Listen to these names everyone must know that this is one of the best puzzle games ever. It shows that we are in a space with two main colours are black and white, they give us a puzzle that we have to find a solution. We must combine our senses and our ability to think to pass the game. Success and successful inheritance from the previous generation, 4L Games has launched its latest product called Fracter. They are a group of artists, designers and game developers who have explored the creative possibilities of interactive narrative. And Fracter is the first, receiving a lot of attention from the entertainment community, contributing to their name.

LIMBO second edition?

Placed in a three-dimensional space with two mysterious black and white. You will be in control of a girl named Fracter. She followed a masked stranger, who led her into a maze and gave her a puzzle, deciphering it to escape. You will explore the entire space in the labyrinth with a little bit of light you have, here are a lot of strange creatures; they live in the dark and they can hurt you. The only thing that can help you out here is to use light, the only thing that can push away the dark. The puzzles are set up quite meticulously and thoroughly; you have to do as much as possible with their logical ability to decode them. Maybe it will make you a little bit difficult but do not worry, any problem solved. Look around carefully, knowing some clues will help you find the crux of the problem.

It can be said, the style of play and character design is quite similar to LIMBO. However, Fracter still has special features that LIMBO does not have. We will have new difficult puzzles, more dangerous pitfalls and new characters. Actually, this is a game that you should try if you have been bored with survival games lately. Real experiences that are only available on puzzle games will not disappoint the player.

Overcast colours

With the mystery of the puzzle game combined with the mainstream black and white graphics with high resolution, the game is even more mysterious in the eyes of players. This gives the player a mysterious, yet somewhat scary, yet irresistible appeal. Characters in the game are also extremely simple; you will only see them have a mysterious light colour cannot see exactly how their faces look. I can say for sure. This is the character design style based on the LIMBO game. This creates the mysterious and terrifying appeal of the horror puzzle game.

The player must be startled by many unexpected situations. This summer is a fractal; you will not want to take your eyes off the screen. Get involved in the game to show your logic deciphering the mystery. See how far you can go!

Fracter APK will release in the coming time. The specific price of the game has not been officially announced. We can thoroughly wait for a free game that includes In-App purchases.

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