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Recently, thanks to the sudden popularity of PUBG, the storyline of Battle Royale became extremely viral in the gamer world. That means that this game is a “gold mine” for manufacturers to exploit. Many manufacturers have succeeded in making a lot of money by launching similar games like Rule of Survivals, Ring of Elysium, PUBG mobile, and so on a long time coming.

But if you keep playing that way without any creativity then surely will not be able to compete with the manufacturers have fast to dominate the market. So, later games want to participate in and make money from it, they have to think of new features, attract players. Netease, however, still wants to make more fans, even though they already have Battle Royale games and such as Ace HunterProject Battle, etc. The King of Hunter will be their latest name to hit the market with the release of The perfect match between the two most popular games currently MOBA and Battle Royale. Its most notable point is that the game will not have a gun at all.

MOBA combined with MMORPG?

Netease is really a big Japanese game publisher as they hold a lot of mobile game projects at the same time. New ideas are always applied to the company. A game that combines MOBA and Battle Royale. In a large sandbox map, you will be allowed to collect melee weapons such as knife, sword, axe and shield to fight against others. If you are confident in your skills, then you can solo or team up with your friends so that you can be safer during your existence.

The best part about joining the game is that it will have the mechanics to upgrade the weapons of an ancient RPG. You will have to loot the gems and combine them with the weapons you have picked up. Each type of gems will contain a specific type of power that increases the strength of the weapon, such as burning, healing or poisoning effects. There are a lot of trap-shaped items to kill enemies silently.

3D graphics

Netease has never disappointed fans with the games they release. Even the icon of the game is so well designed that you cannot resist touching it and see the game information. Surely afterwards you will also try their game once. The King of Hunter still offers you an excellent 2.5D graphics game. This seems to make the player somewhat disappointed by not being full 3D, but that is a strong point of the game. Because you will play this game on mobile devices, 3D graphics will make the game much heavier, but the game itself is already heavy. 3D pseudo-graphics is a good choice because even with high-tech mobile devices, it’s pretty good.


When the game is too popular, there will undoubtedly be variations that are different from the original, but still, attract players because of the essence of the game. Although the game does not have the fierce gun battle, the melee weapons still have deadly damage. Beautiful graphics are also a hot spot for the hardcore gamer community. But it has not officially launched so please quickly register in advance to receive the latest information and games will automatically download when officially launched.

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