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Updated: May 15, 2018 at 12:18 PM
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Do you remember Onmyoji? An excellent anime series from Japan – the sun rising country. Get the idea from this great movie, the Japanese game maker NetEase recently officially introduced to the gaming community new produce named Onmyoji Arena under the MOBA category for mobile phones. In order to launch Onmyoji Arena, before this game makers have to study thoroughly about the film and pay attention to details of the character system. Specifically, the game is designed to correspond to a prominent part in the movie Onmyoji. Taking the lead is to develop a comprehensive character from appearance to skill, so as not to lose the fundamental core of the original film, but also to improve or create more or fewer contents. This makes the shape and behaviour of the character more consistent with the animation in the game. Everything that belongs to Onmyoji, or specifically the Kyoto City of Hentai, will be revealed in the original game and ready to be explored.

Best MOBA mobile game?

That’s precisely what NetEase has done in Onmyoji Arena APK. Completing the mission of transforming the film into a live interactive game has left the game industry in great need. And the specific results can be referred to as the mysterious Fog of War mode that reflects true blur and danger; The combat system is like Shikigami and upgraded even further in the game. You will have the opportunity to fight with your best trying for perfecting your skills, or you can combine and fight with your partner. Thanks to the transition from the Amulet system to the free Onmyodo system, the opportunity for all players is the same, and there is no difference. Also, there are other great features, too. Extremely interesting, only you can experience yourself how great it is.

The image is still anime style of art and characteristics of Japanese culture. The animation of Onmyoji Arena will immediately attract you by the familiarity that Onmyoji previously brought to the audience. Every phase of combat, physical movement is extremely flexible and strong, both create points for the battle and stimulate the player. Great animation is further enhanced when combined with the sound is the classical music of Japan, and the character corresponds to the dialogue that has appeared in the movie. It’s great for a game like this.

Sum up

Since it’s just a beta test for mobile devices that use the Android operating system, please attend that your device is suitable for downloading games. Avoid that disappointment. Of course, soon there will be an official release and available for other operating systems. Let’s wait for the producer to realise the above. For now, if it is right, choose Onmyoji Arena as your entertainment and win great prizes in this game. Be one of the first to come to Onmyoji Arena!

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