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Today, the MOBA game is still the land of choice for all competitive game makers. Starting in 2012, this new game has become popular due to the launch of Riot’s League of Legends, so far there have been nearly 20 games released and played on maps like that pioneer. Back to its roots – Warcraft, the game is a collection of different races across the Middle Earth, fighting for the rights, honour and glory of the clan and maps 3 lanes become the standard for combat. Dota, League of Legends is also, still, the character building trail of the three games have the same undeniable similarities (although it contains a lot of effort and creativity of the team game).

Recently, MOBA games hit the mobile platform, the creativity of the game makers must be raised to a new height to be able to compete with their opponents. One of the most intriguing ideas is to change the characterisation system. Light VS Shadow: Fight Song is one of the first games to bring anime characters into the champions of a MOBA game (instead of the usual RPG).


The story of the battle between Light and Darkness has always been a fascinating topic for writers to exploit. Because there was no end to the war, it was merely the side that could withstand a long time. In the world of Aika too, human beings – the most intelligent of the earth – fight ceaselessly to win the Light, help the universe to multiply and grow. But the forces of darkness are not at ease but continually strives to regain its position. Human beings are born, fight, die and are born again; they have been born in this vicious circle for thousands of years. But each class is different; they have something to protect, inward, worth sacrificing their lives.

Functions and characters

Many of the characters are built under the anime icon that the producer has put in. They carry the same kind of power as the original Warcraft. Players will have to learn a long time to be able to master them all. Thanks to such rich numbers, players have a lot of options, which is a great way to play each other. You will have to fight on 3 lanes as usual with the different champions classes. The main three tasks are to deal damage, resist and assist your teammates. Play a lot of games and define your style to be able to select the exact champion that you can play most skillfully.

3D Graphics

Despite being a late release game, Light VS Shadow: Fight Song APK has a perfect 3D graphics, not inferior to the superstars on the market today such as Arena of Valor and War Song MOBA. Character systems and maps are drawn in familiar cartoon style. Also, the publisher also cared for their games meticulously, giving players a smoother experience, even on the Android device has a weak configuration.

Sum up

Not only is the elaborate investment in the content and design of characters, but the sound is also thoroughly concerned manufacturers when each of their characters is voiced by famous Japanese vocalists. Surely the game will not make gamers say them and otaku (even wibu) gamers in particular.

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