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One of the exciting things about life is that things happen that can not be reversed, and things that have not happened yet are unpredictable. Therefore, the current decisions become so important. Think that if something in the past is changed, the future will suffer unforeseen consequences. However, fictional stories take advantage of this paradox of time to exploit and succeed in attracting audiences.

Recently, the manufacturer of Perfect World has announced to gamers that it will launch nearly two games simultaneously called Farside and. The game’s plotting time is ReEvolve. In this game, humanity is threatened on the brink of destruction entirely due to adverse effects from the past. Therefore, the main character must use the tool to turn back time to the past and correct his mistake or destroy the world.

The first “mobile MMORPG-sandbox”

When you step into the game, you will be placed in the reality that the world is coming to its end. All are destroyed, and the earth is about to collapse, and the player has a top-secret mission. That is to modify the history. By the time machine, you will open the tunnel back to ancient times and begin your journey. There are two obvious opposites, the Shepherd (human side) and the Cthulu-worshiping forces of The Piper (evil side), with two completely different ideas. One side wants to build the world, and the other side overthrows it. Choose which side is up to your choice.

The magical weapon will help you to absorb all the materials so that you can build your own buildings such as houses, bases and even protective fences. This is precisely an MMORPG combined with Minecraft’s survival gameplay.

Best 3D graphics

ReEvolve is a game Minecraft graphics version “normal”, “keep up the time.” Because everything is designed in full 3D graphics like most current games. All the characters in the game are sketched to express their personality, but it is a cartoon-like character, but not the same. Shepherd characters are designed with a fair look and costumes are also simpler. Meanwhile, the Cthulu-worshiping forces of the Piper look much darker and cruel. The landscape looks primitive and primitive; the map is huge. Here, things do not seem to be human, and the basis is where you can begin to build a perfect world or try to destroy it. There are also a variety of monsters and bosses available for you to gain and enhance.


The interaction between players is the reason for the events of the future. So you are the one who holds the destiny of the Earth. The world is perishing, or it can become peaceful and develop thanks to your efforts. Besides, the game is a very lively world, the real environment; this is enough with a variety of ecosystems, day and night cycle, weather changes and actual animal behaviour including eating and migration. So, it will attract players quickly and well.

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