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The gaming community is flocking to God of War, and other publishers have not stopped working to compete with Sony’s console. Apparently, it is hard to get a good game to win the “Game of the Year 2018” nomination, but if you’re not directly competing on the Play Station market, but on the smartphone, there’s still the opportunity to reap success. Barunson E & A is also one of the most famous Korean studios involved in this fierce race when, along with Nexon announce the signing of rights to publish Project B (or Battle Storm) in Japan, further reveals another project under the “Project EX (프로젝트 EX)“. This is a high-end graphics project that uses Unreal Engine 4 technology to give players the ultimate experience.

Best MMORPG for a mobile platform

There are many heroes divided into different classes waiting for you to choose. Once you have selected a hero that you like, do your best to train them to become a competent general, able to control the combat troops, and their strength must also increase day by day. Players will be able to participate in extremely large battles with more than 100,000 soldiers with thousands of horses and elephants.

In order to lead such a battle, in addition to displaying your fighting skills, you must also lead your troops to break the enemy’s front lines or protect your empire from attack. You will have to be the leader of the battle, use your special skills to kill the enemy or to support your army, increase the morale of the soldiers. There are also other exciting modes that you can explore such as dungeon mode. In this mode, you can stop all the time so that you can arrange your squad before the battle continues.

UE4 Graphics

Perhaps the graphics are the strongest side of this game to attract the most gamers to download and experience. With such a rich character system, manufacturers have plenty of opportunities to show off their graphics prowess. Gladiators are armed with shiny, heavy armour, and show off their commanding style while the wizards possess a fluid body and a weird appearance. But if you put those characters into beautiful scenery of majestic mountains or a battlefield with thousands of soldiers to see the feat of the design team. The game also features a soundtrack of its own, whenever a real battle occurs, the songs played with the battle instruments are resounding.

Although this is an RPG action game, tactics are also highly appreciated. Therefore, players will have to take time to understand all the features of the game. So be patient playing the game right now.


Recent RPGs are still the focus of attention across gaming forums around the world. But if you just role-play that just control a military rear as a tactical game will be like? You have to download Project EX APK on your smartphone and experience all the difficulties and excitement when fighting in such a situation. Last but not least, the game has a variety of modes for you to choose, typically dungeon mode that can stop time for you to set up your squad before the battle. In addition, the graphics of the game is also in the form of high power when using the power of Unreal Engine 4 technology.

Project EX Mobile is still in the process of being finalised; we will upload the APK file as soon as PlayEarth releases this game.

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