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There are old games and the publisher has stopped working for a long time to focus on newer games and earn more. But players still want to play those games because they stick with them for a long time and it is also their memories. Taking advantage of the growing popularity of smartphone technology, major game publishers want to bring their games to the mobile platform. This action brings a lot of benefits to the manufacturer when they do not need to create a new game but just transform the old game only. In addition, the famous games have a certain amount of fans should ensure the revenue for the manufacturer.

WeMade is a smart game maker when they do not wait for their old blockbuster to go straight for two PC and mobile versions running in parallel. There are many advantages to this that players can sync information between two platforms. This brings more people to the game and is even easier to manage. Icarus M is the mobile version of the same name to be released in the near future. Producers also release their own under the WeMade Service in South Korea.

Adapted from Riders of Icarus (PC)

In the game, there are attractive features as on the PC platform to be able to attract players. You can control your own mythic mounts like Pegasus, Dragons, etc. to run against your opponent. Or if you want to have your mount collection more diversified then you can go to the zoo and use all your skills to catch them.

The game is played with extremely high speed, your opponent is strong and has different special skills. There are so many bosses that need multiple attackers to destroy. Obviously, the rewards will be shared among all the people in the team. In addition, PvP or PvP mode is always available for you to play and improve your skills.

The game has five character classes. Each character class consists of some typical champions. Each layer has different characteristics. If you want to kill your opponent fastest, try playing the killer characters. If you’re going to rush into the enemy squad, try the gladiator characters. In general, you will have to spend a lot of time exploring each character in the game.


There is not a point to criticize the game as it is designed on the basis of the latest Unreal Engine 4. The character is well designed and shows the difference between each class. Their skills must, of course, match their creation. However, there is a new class of artists designed as a person who can break the rules of the game. This suggests they may be supporters of the game when they can open the fight or keep the Ranger alive miraculously. Monsters are also divided into small, easy-to-kill monsters, and giant bosses can move through space gaps. Medieval objects are also beautifully designed and gloomy colours are like blockbuster the same scene.


Manufacturers are extremely smart when it comes to mobile versions of special things not available on the PC version. This causes the player to move to this platform to play when they cannot maintain playing on the PC and not find another game. Therefore, Icarus M is expected to remain in the game world for a long time.

The game has not been officially launched, the current readers can pre-register here.

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