BBTAN2 by 222% (MOD Coin/All unlocked)

Upload: April 15, 2018
Updated: May 1, 2018 at 5:33 PM
File Size: 75M (v2.11.0)
Category : Arcade, Music
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If you are a passionate shooter game cannot ignore the game sales of BBTAN2 by 222% published by the 111% publisher in 2017. It has created a global craze because of its compelling features along with its eye-catching graphic design, sound and visuals. This game brings a new breath not as boring as the traditional shooting game. Best of all, this will be an excellent choice for people to relax after a long day of stressful work

Shoot the ball at the perfect angle

With a mind-boggling graphics design, the BBTAN2 game version by 222% actively adopts new animations as the highlight but maintains the core gameplay of this game. Because of that, the rules are not changed. To break the bricks in the challenging parts, you need to drag and drop the ball in a straight line. When the ball touches the brick, the number of tiles will decrease and if you shoot all the targets then, of course, wins the game. However, to smash as many tiles as possible, you need to hit the ball at the perfect angle. If the brick reaches the final level, you will have to stop the game and start again, so try to use the unique skills to overcome these challenges offline.

Enjoy fun graphics and live sound

BBTAN2 by 222% is considered one of the most attractive 2D graphic design game so that they can give an excellent attraction for players. Not only that, but it also brings the feeling of fun and the most comfort to his customers. Besides, the audio and video system is exceptionally harmonious. Players will be attracted to the harmonics between the interface and the sound that appears in the game.

Experience special stages

More specifically, this game also gives players the opportunity to experience a lot of unique stages; there are 495 stages that you can explore. Each stage will be a challenge for you, the higher the stage, the more difficult. Therefore, you need to change your skills, skills to control the ball to be able to conquer the challenges in your journey. Besides, you also have the opportunity to explore the many difficult stages that appear during the game.

Receive daily gifts

Become a guest of BBTAN2 by 222% you will receive many special gifts. But to receive the reward, at each turn do not forget to eat the items that the game has provided. Because they will allow you to increase the number of balls you use, giving you more chance of winning. Besides, if you have the opportunity to quickly eat the diamonds to overcome the difficult challenges during the game. It’s great to just log in and see the ad that will help you collect more precious diamonds for yourself.

With impressive 2D graphic design and consistent layout, harmony between sound, image and interface, BBTAN2 by 222% game version brings a unique experience for players. In particular, this game is sure to be a perfect choice for people to reduce stress after a hard day work. Currently, BBTAN2 by 222% MOD is causing fever in the gaming community and is quite popular. You are a game entertainer and you want to experience it, explore it, but do not hesitate to click on the link below to have the most wonderful and exciting moment.


In-App Purchases Hacked / Unlimited Coins
Unlocked Starter/Bbbdy/Super Pack

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