This War of Mine (MOD unlocked)

Upload: May 21, 2018
Updated: May 21, 2018 at 10:47 AM
File Size: 470MB (v1.5.5)
Category : Adventure, Puzzle
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Have you ever thought that one day you wake up with a horrible sight: enemies surround the city where you live, and all people are faced with food shortages and need the essential, even the sick. If that happens, how do you do it? If you are wondering how to handle this, then come to This war of me to see how you will survive in this scary world. With unique and exciting features, along with compelling stories, the This War of Mine game will bring you the most enjoyable experience.


As for previous titles, the player will assume the role and position of an elite soldier or hero, but with this war of me, you will be playing an ordinary human being trying to find Seeking a chance to survive a very harsh situation. Not only are you facing hunger and disease but you also have to fight off brutal shooters. They will fire day and night to prevent people from leaving the shelter. It is a life that is not easy for you.

Control your survivor and manage your shelter

So what can you do to be able to survive in that harsh environment? Do not worry too much; you need to hide carefully not to be detected by the enemy. Besides, you can engage in business, care for the injured people around. However, in the war of survival is important to fight. You can protect everyone or sacrifice a few of them. That depends on your conscience.

Living in a fight is not easy, and everything is very scarce, so you need to take advantage of everything you have. These can be crafting weapons to protect yourself and other people, or the beds you can rest, and a kitchen for cooking is indispensable in this challenging period …

Protect and play with children

In this war, many children need your protection and cover. Therefore, in addition to ensuring their lives and safety, you can play with them by creating many handmade toys for them. Although This war of mine is set in the war, the images in the game are apparent, and especially the harmony between the sound and the details of the game will undoubtedly bring you much. The most interesting and exciting. So do not wait for the game without clicking on the link below.

Graphics and sound

There is no debate. The graphics and sounds in this game are authentic; it accurately portrays the brutality of war. Orphans, dark dungeons, fields, or bloody battles are drawn vividly.

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