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Today, many manga/anime stories are transformed into online games with extremely sharp graphics. It’s possible that these games have an advantage over other games because they already have an exciting storyline, just add the gameplay to match the storyline. Moreover, these games have their own fans available from the anime series so if the game’s producers perform well through the unique graphics, the sales promotion will be very high

According to the current trend is hot The Snack World also want to take advantage of the process of this game. Although the manga/anime series was only launched in 2016, it received a lot of fans. Level-5 will be responsible for the success of the game as they have previously been extremely popular with a variety of games such as Inazuma Eleven Ares, Little Battlers eXperience, Professor Layton, and Yo-kai Watch. They are all anime adaptations. The Snack World promises to become the first choice for Asian players in particular and the whole world in general.


Thanks to the already existing storyline, the designer also makes it easier to arrange the player for the team. Although there are many different characters with different kinds of power, there are basically five main characters. An energetic boy named Chup determined to avenge his village; a witch inelegant, Mayone; a muscular guy, Pepperon; a goblin name Gobsan and a flying blue pig, Francene. Everyone has their own skills and powers, complementing each other in the monster attack. Items are also an excellent means to enhance your strength. Consider carefully before you release skills because it consumes energy and has a certain amount of cooldown time.


All characters in the game are designed in the same way. Also, they are 100% controlled by you, so be sure to design a more wide angle with full 3D graphics. Every aspect of the character is designed to be as beautiful and cute as possible so that fans of the anime series cannot be blamed. Small monsters, villains or giant bosses are also favoured when they show their correct position and nature. Medusa is more of a two-story building with aggressive looks that can make horrific petrified heroes also be added to the game to add drama. Old castles, dark dungeons and wilderness fields are always the most suitable battles for devastating battles.

The screen is divided into two halves with the top of the game screen, and the bottom is the console. The diverse skills of the characters are rendered remarkably right when you command. Release time, cooldown time, energy consumption are clearly shown on the screen. Each skill system will be divided into skill classes with many small branches so you will probably spend a lot of time understanding all of them.


Actually, the game has been promised since 2017, but due to many objective reasons, they have postponed release time. Summer 2018 is the right time for many blockbuster launches and win the hearts of gamers. Level-5 may well soon launch The Snack World to catch up with this trend.

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